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A Needed Miracle for Yulin, China

Story ID:10549
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Yulin China
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I think many of us who were anxiously awaiting Pope Francis’ encyclical “Praise
be to you: On Care for Our Common Home” at last were able to read it this
morning. On the other hand, according to Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times-
“Once again industrialists, politicians, and critics are fuming, contending that the
pope should stick to religion and stop meddling in matters in which he has no

Isn’t it just the other way around? Aren’t these industrialists, politicians, and critics
the ones who have absolutely no competence when it comes to the really important
things in our life? So many of them have blinders on, and when this good man is
trying to remove the blinders from their eyes, they have the audacity to call him
a meddler.

If there is a criticism from me –it is that I did not see enough mention of how badly
we treat our animals. I’m glad others didn’t read it as I, and Paul Shapiro of the
HSUS wrote: “The Pope weighed in on animal protection in many ways, including
tweeting that it is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die

How I hope that the Chinese people in Yulin, China will have read his teaching. How
I hope for a miracle, and that this Sunday’s Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival will not
take place. Yes, it will take a miracle.

I, like hopefully many of you, signed the petition of Elisa Caracciolo addressed to the
President of China- XI Jinping. I was amazed that there were 467,689 other signers
as well. The target number was 470,000 and she came so very close to getting it.
I don’t believe that I have ever before signed one with so many signatures.

In the petition she wrote that over 10,000 dogs- many of whom are just puppies were
killed at last year’s summer solstice festival in Yulin, China. At her petition site she had
a picture of some dogs tethered together looking at us beseechingly -but yes, hopelessly
unless the President of China intervenes for them.

I sent my earlier post re the very cruel skinning alive of some dogs in China for leather
to the Catholic Vegetarians on Facebook. I was surprised when one responder put the
blame on this cruelty on the Chinese Communists. Sorry to say that I was aware of
animal cruelty in China even before the Communists took over. But then I am no authority
re this history, and I hope people who are interested in this subject will search the internet
for answers. And then of course – it is not past history which should concern us now but
the present. Whether it is praying, signing petitions, writing letters or e-mailing Chinese
officials, let us do something if we truly care.