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Story ID:10551
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Charleston South Carolina USA
Person:Pres. Obama
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By Fred Wickert

Obama and his flunkies including Liberal Media love to play the blame game. His first four years in office he had an almost permanent person to blame everything on including hurricanes. Whatever happened, if it went badly it was George Bush'e fault.

When it came to violence especially where a number of people were killed with a gun, it was the guns fault and every time it hit the news that a black person was killed by a white cop, it was automatically the cop's fault, the guy that got shot was doing nothing wrong and the white cop shot without any provocation.

We now have a new shooting in which a white man went in to a black church, sat for an hour during a prayer service and then shot and killed nine people including the preacher who just happened to also be a state Senator. There was no cop involved this time but that didn't stop Obama and his flunkies. The bodies were not even cold yet and Obama was on TV blaming it on the gun. He also was using it to claim again, we got to take away people's guns.

Obama cannot say anything without a lie and of course this was no exception. He claimed that we are the only developed country where multiple killing happens. It happens only in the United States. I guess he was at a fund raising event and didn't hear the news when all the other one's in those other countries took place because according to him, they never happened.

Of course, Obama's views on things are always somewhat twisted. He criticizes Christians all the way back to the Crusades. He claims some pretty bad things were done back then in the name of Christ. Of course, he was trying to get criticism of Muslims for beheading large numbers of Christians on the beach and burning them alive in cages to stop. He is correct that Christian's did do some pretty bad things during the Crusades but he overlooked all the bad things the Muslims were doing to Christians at the same time, just like he does today. The strange thing is he had to go back hundreds of years ago, before America and the USA ever existed to compare our misdeeds with the now days Muslims. I guess he couldn't find anything in modern times to compare with.

For a man who claims to be a Christian, doesn't it seem odd that he is always criticizing the Christians and sticking up for the Muslims? If ISL does something especially bad to a group of Muslims Obama is right there feeling bad for the victims. Strange is it not, that of the many atrocities against the Christians by ISL, Obama is always silent about it?

Strange is it mot, that we have to accept 75,000 Muslim refugees from Syria, but no mention of accepting any Koptic Christian refugees? Maybe it has something to do with the church and the pastor where he says he became a Christian. The Chicago church where the Reverend Wright was the pastor. You know, the one who yells, "God Damn America." He said Rev. Wright is like a father to him and he and Michelle attended that church for 20 years but Obama never heard those Un- Christian like sermons of his.

There has been increasing attack in this country against the Christian Church and Christians. Obama has himself taken part in the attack against Christians. That historic church where the nine murders took place two nights ago during a prayer meeting was a black church and the nine victims were all black. The killer was white and was racist. I believe the Justice Department will easily make their case for it being a hate crime.

The thing that struck me was what happened at the bail hearing today. Victims families were there and the judge, a white man by the way, gave them the unprecedented opportunity to say something to the killer. Every one of them who spoke told him of the goodness of the member of their family he killed and how much pain he had inflicted on them and other members of their families.

The most impressive and the most telling thing of all is that each party who accepted the opportunity to speak, told the killer, Mr. Roof, that they not only did not hate him, but that they forgave him and asked God to bless him and give mercy to his soul! One girl whose grandfather had been killed told him to repent and to get right with Jesus Christ and his life will be a lot better than it will be otherwise.

Causing that young man to do what he did is unmistakably the work of Satan. He committed the act but there is no doubt Satan controlled his mind and caused him to do it. The girl told him that HATE DID NOT WIN! What those victims said to him prove what she said is true and they also prove that Christianity, while being attacked on all fronts, is alive and well.

I am sure Satan wanted HATE to bring about a great racial upheaval in this country, but it did not. It has had the opposite effect. The love being poured out by the American people to the families of the victims is great and it is nation wide. I have no doubt that church attendance all over the country will be up this Sunday. No Satan, it didn't work. Christ wins and you lose!

As for you President Obama, try to get this through your thick head. This tragedy was not caused by a gun. It was caused by a man filled with hate. These things happen all the time. Knives, hammers, hatchets, cars, air planes, fire, bombs, poisons and gasses and other things are often used instead. The World Trade Center was brought down by Airliners and they were taken over by box cutters. Taking my guns away would not have prevented the killings in that church in South Carolina.

The perpetrators and what makes them do it are what you need to concentrate on and not the tool used to do the killing. There were no guns for the first murder in the world. Cain killed Able with a rock. How silly it would have been to do away with all the worlds rocks.

If you want to stop the killing, concentrate on the people doing the killing and not the tools they use to do it with. While I am on the subject, you bear a lot of responsibility yourself because you and your helpers have concentrated ever since you first took office, on pitting groups of Americans against each other. You don't do anything to stop that and bring us together, but instead you do all you can to promote class warfare. Mr. Roof pulled the trigger, but your hands are not clean in the matter. Neither are they clean in the matter of a number of slain peace officers around the country.

You claim to be a Christian Mr. Obama. Try living like one for a while. It might just surprise you.

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