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Story ID:10576
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities Nation Wide USA
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By Fred Wickert

Things are happening at the speed of light in this country and around the world. Yet, the majority continues to play political correctness and politics as usual. No, not as usual because I think politics have become even nastier than usual. We are losing our country. The Lord God Jehovah will take it away from us if we don't throw it away ourselves first.

I had pretty much lost all hope until the bail hearing of Roof, the criminal who murdered the nine people at a prayer meeting in a black church. He said his motive was to start a race war between blacks and whites in the United States. Clearly the man is a disciple of Satan and was going about Satan's work.

I believe it back fired. I was heartened when I heard one by one, family members of the deceased come forward and forgive him and ask for God to bless his soul. Until that moment I believed the country was lost. That gave me hope. The out poring of love in that Charleston Community and from around the country from both black and white gave me hope. Maybe there is some salvation for the country after all.

I was also appalled when I saw the side show performance of President Obama at the funeral for the black preacher and state Senator who was among those murdered by Roof. I am sure Obama had them notified he was going to come and give the Eulogy. I doubt very much that he was asked. I could be wrong but that is my belief in the matter. Obama could not let such an opportunity slip through his fingers, and who after all, is going to tell him no?

It was supposed to be a Eulogy to the Reverend who's funeral was taking place. In fact, Obama rarely made reference to him, though he did two or three times, briefly. The rest of it was a political commercial with a carnival like atmosphere. Every political issue of the day was covered at least once. Obama's attitude during the speech was sort of like Hillary Clinton in the past. He was trying to imitate the southern negro of the old minstrel shows when white actors dressed up like negroe's and gave their idea of an imitation of the southern negro of vaudeville days. He even ended it up trying to sing a hymn. One thing for sure is he will never make it as a singer.

Unfortunately, the black audience looked like they were enjoying it and saw nothing wrong with it. All I could see was a total disrespect and almost making fun of their sincerity and goodness.

In the beginning I stated the belief we are losing our country. When this country was first settled upon by other than natives, it was the Puritans who were persecuted in Europe and came here to find religious freedom. As more and more came, Christian policies and principals prevailed. There were some extremes such as the Salem witch trials which were religious fervor run a muck, but remember, in those days, very few people had ever seen a Bible and few knew anything about the truth. They only knew what they had been told by their leaders. All it took was a few bad ones filled with greed and power to teach them wrong.

Gradually truth reigned and there came a time of a Declaration of Independence and it contained the point of view that God was the highest authority and not a King or Queen. That certain rights and truths came from on high and were above and beyond the dictates of royalty. A nation, our nation was born with certain beliefs and they were written in to the Constitution.

Our country was founded on the word of God and the moral principals of Christianity. Our early writings of the founders and our early buildings and monuments all have inscriptions on them from the Bible.

Most of us are not students of the Bible but we should be. As long as the people and the government of this country have adhered to the word of God, this country has been greatly blessed and it has sometimes been delivered from destruction by miracles from God. Had it not been for God, we would not have been victorious in the Revolution. There is no way we could win that war, but we did. We did it because God was with us. We have always won because we were in the right and because The Lord God Jehovah was with us and he helped us. He helped us not only in war against hostile nations but in wars against disease and other things too.

What have we done? It takes a long process of Biblical prophecy, etc., but mathmatically Jesus Christ took over the throne in Heaven in 1914. Until then God had permitted Satan to reside in Heaven. Jesus had enough of his nonsense and kicked him out so he came to Earth. Don't take my word for it. All this is in the Bible. You have to search for it but it is there. What happened right after that? World War I happened. Things have never stopped going down hill ever since.

All the signs, all of them, for the first time are present on Earth. I am talking about the signs Jesus said to look for when the end is near. That time is here now. The signs are all present for the very first time.

Satan's time is running out and he has been hard at work and he has brain washed as many people as he can. He has caused them to take prayer out of our schools. He has caused them to attack anything Christian with a vengeance.

We have literally kicked God out of our schools and other public places. All things Christian they have tried to remove from public and they have succeeded with many things. When you kick God out, it is unlikely he is going to stay and help. We have been systematically turning our backs on him and consequently he is giving up on us. He is no longer giving us his blessing and he is not defending us against our enemies any more. Why should he?

The latest is that a corrupt Supreme Court has just declared Gay marriage the law of the land in all fifty states. Justice Roberts is acting like a man who is afraid of Obama and as though Obama has something on him. Obama made speeches on television more or less threatening the Supreme Court if they did not decide his way. Why would Roberts give in to him if he didn't have something on him?

The two women justices on the Supreme Court have been actively performing these so called marriages of gay people to other gay people. They were asked to recuse themselves because of it. Their bias was already proven. The court is supposed to deliberate in an unbiased manner. These two were obviously biased because they had been participating with it. They should have recused themselves but refused to do so. Chief Justice Roberts should have ordered them to recuse themselves but he did not.

Jesus told us that if a man lay down with a man in the manner of a woman, surely they will die. He told us that if a woman lay with a woman in the manner of a man, surely they will die. Some will say, so what? We are all going to die anyway. That is not what Jesus was talking about. Most of us believe in an everlasting life in which after death, one goes on living in the afterlife. It is that life that Jesus referred to. When the judgement comes, they will be done forever. The Bible tells us it is an Abomination to God. God gave us two sexes for one reason and one reason only. That was for procreation. There is no way two gays of the same sex can procreate with each other. God forbade it. What makes the Supreme Court think they can over rule God and get away with it.

What makes this country think we can over rule or ignore God and get away with it? We can't and that is why I believe the United States of America is doomed. I believe our nation as we have known it will cease to exist. `Now because of the decision of the Supreme Court, those who believe they have the freedom of religion will soon find that they do not. It has already happened in a few states that people or businesses that on religious grounds did not take part in a gay marriage when requested, have been severely punished. Now, we will all have to choose to give up our freedom or pay the price. That means we have lost Liberty.

Little by little all of our rights and freedoms will be gone because it is no longer the same country. Satan has destroyed it and Obama is his disciple. Just in case you are of a mind to vote for Hillary Clinton, I remind you that she too is a disciple of Satan. It is obvious from her conduct.

America, land that I love, good bye. I sincerely hope Obama will not do your Eulogy.

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