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Story ID:10582
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Any city Any state USA
Person:EZEE Pass
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By Fred Wickert

Not long ago I posted a story about the state liquor board charging an exorbitant fine to a man because his restaurant had been set up by the ABC board with an under age drinker with a fake ID card. He had no way of knowing the ID card was a forgery. It had a valid DOB on it and the photo was of the holder of the ID card. The place of business was conscientious and checked ID at all times. They tried very hard to comply with the law. Still, the state set him up and then, for first offense mind you, zapped him with a $15,000 fine.

Today in the news is another young man being robbed by the state According to the news people it happens rather frequently. This case involved EZEE Pass for highway and bridge tolls.

The victim this time was a young man who has an EZEE Pass account with the state. He has provided the state with a credit card number to automatically charge the fees monthly. He changed the numbers on his credit card and notified the state.

He owed the State $23 for EZEE pass and when they tried to charge his credit card they used the old number and payment was denied. They did not notify him. He never got anything from them for a very long time. When he did, he was informed that he had failed to pay the $23 plus late charges plus administrative fees and additional late charges for every month it had not been paid. Now they are threatening to take action unless he pays an administrative fine of $17,500 plus the $23.

The young man contacted them. He told them he had notified them of the change in credit card number and asked why they had not just charged him for it. The state replied they never got the notice of the change. This is obviously not true because they have charged all subsequent EZEE Pass charges to the new number. He also asked why they never notified him. They replied no notice was necessary and payment was his responsibility.

The young man is going to file a law suit to try to get it straightened out. The state refuses to negotiate. He has heard from others that this is a rather common occurrence so he is asking others with the same kind of problem to come forth so it can be made in to a class action law suit.

Another young man had a similar case in which he was fined $11,000 and he sued. After his suit was filed there was some negotiating between lawyers and the fine was reduced from $11,000 to $2,500.

The media checking in to it reported they found there is a lot of this going on and that the people working in the offices of EZEE Pass are prone to clerical errors and the innocent holders of EZEE Pass end up paying dearly for it.

It would appear there are an increasing number of state and federal government agencies that are making errors and are forcing innocent citizens to pay exorbitant fines for their errors. In the past two or three years we as a people have been shown the terrible indifference of bureaucrats. We have seen IRS, Justice Department, VA Hospital systems, State Department and others being completely arrogant. They stonewall congressional investigations and they stonewall the courts. No one seems to be responsible. They do as they please, then shaft the American people, refuse to be forthcoming and defy Congress and the courts.

No one is accountable. They demand and get pay bonuses, and no one is responsible for anything. People who are suspected of wrong doing are not fired, but they are put on paid leave. Sometimes after months, they are reported gone. The assumption is they have been fired, but no. Later we learn they have just been transferred to a different job within the same agency, but not fired at all.

If Congress tries to subpoena documents they are told they don't exist. The files were accidentally destroyed and any computer hard drives involved were damaged and recycled and destroyed so there cannot be any material retrieved from them.

Meanwhile, our government officials want to point at corruption in other governments and complain of all the computer hacked secrets we failed to protect and lost to foreign governments. In other words, if our courts and our Congress needs any information legitimately, it is impossible to find or obtain. It was all conveniently but accidentally destroyed. If a foreign government wants any information no matter how classified, they are welcome to them and a year later we will finally figure out we have been hacked.

Can we be sure this is still the USA? How do we know we were not secretly confiscated for unpaid trillions in debt, and someone forgot to tell us. Or maybe with our current government efficiency, they won't even know they have been repossessed for a couple of more years down the line?

With all of the taxes and fees we already pay to the government, why do they have to stoop to all these other ways of ripping off the people as well? As long as these kinds of things are going on, why are we still in debt? Where is the money going? Has it even been accounted for? Does anyone know for sure?

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