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Cosmetic Testing Rearing Its Ugly Head in the U.S.

Story ID:10588
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. District of Columbia usa
Person:In Defense of Animals
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I had been so happy to read that India, Israel, and the European Union had all
banned cosmetic testing on animals and here we have California Senator Diane
Feinstein introducing -The Personal Care Products Safety Act –S.1014 which would
require animal testing be done on animals. Unbelievably backwards.

It was also co-sponsored by Senator Susan Collins of Maine and later by Senator
Barbara Boxer of CA and Senator Amy Klobuchar of MN after the bill was introduced
on April 29, 2015 where it now sits in the Committee on Health, Education, Labor
and Pensions.

Unbelievable that these four women can be so unfeeling and lacking in compassion.
Years ago rabbits were shaved and had cosmetics rubbed on their bare skin. Can you
imagine how painful this must have been? There was even a 50/50 test where dogs
were forced to ingest cosmetics until their insides ruptured. How’s that for ghoulish
and cruel and completely unnecessary?

Are women dying or becoming ill by using untested cosmetics? I liked what the IDA
said about S.1014: “In a world moving away from the cruel and unnecessary practice of
animal testing- Feinstein’s delusional proposal in mandating such outdated tests is
absolutely absurd.” As for me -she and the other three women Senators supporting
this bill have shaken my trust and confidence in them re their poor judgment as well
as lack of compassion.

Though I happily never wore make up of any kind – I even today check shampoos to
make sure they weren’t tested on animals. And I believe Peta has an internet site for
those of us who don’t want to buy anything tested on animals. So in my opinion, this
bill is really out in left field, and I hope other legislators will think so too.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to see this bill passed, please write or e-mail your
two senators and ask them not to support or co-sponsor S.1014 which will increase
the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) regulation over chemicals used In personal
hygiene products and cosmetics. One of the stipulations of this bill would also require
that five ingredients found in personal care products must be tested annually for consumer
safety. So that would mean more annual testing and more animal suffering.

I also like this observation made by In Defense of Animals: “Without the U.S. government
currently requiring animal tested cosmetics, cosmetic companies can legally choose to
perform product safety tests utilizing the many HUMANE animal-testing alternatives available.
If passed, this act would reverse all progress made within the U.S. towards cruelty free
cosmetics by requiring companies to perfom tests on animals which are BOTH physically
and psychologically damaging.”