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Premarin Again

Story ID:10593
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:all all usa
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It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Just recently
those of us who remember protesting the horrible cosmetic testing done in the
80’s on innocent mice, rabbits, cats, and dogs were recently shocked to learn
that Senator Feinstein of California had introduced a bill which would make
it mandatory to have cosmetics tested on animals again. Unbelievable -
especially in this day and age when other countries -including the EU have
recently banned cosmetic testing on animals.

Now another return to the cruel past involving pregnant mares. For years many
of us were involved in trying to stop the selling of Premarin Drugs for hot flashes.
Even an enlightened woman physician- Dr.Christine Northrup told women that
they didn’t need horse’s urine.

The making of the Premarin drug caused thousands and thousands of mares
to be tethered on a “pee” line – unable to move much at all for the whole period
of their pregnancy as their urine flowed from their vulvas into a small attached
container. They were even given very little water to make sure that their urine
was concentrated. Any woman knowing about this should have felt deeply for
what these poor mares were going through. Sadly, they were either ignorant or
fully trusted the doctors who prescribed this drug which was then heavily used.

Aside from this horrible cruelty- how could any intelligent woman believe that
horses’ urine is medicine? So desperate to assuage their night flashes- it seems
they would take anything until finally a study proved that Premarin drugs were
not only NOT beneficial but even harmful. At this time we who cared about mare
suffering thankfully breathed a sigh of relief – thinking the mares’ nightmare was
over until now when we found out about Premarin Vaginal Cream.

Obviously, the editors of these women magazines: Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s
Day, and Good Housekeeping either don’t care that these innocent mares are suffering
so terribly or they are woefully ignorant of it as they have all accepted revenue ads
for Premarin Vaginal Cream.

Some months ago when I first saw the Premarin ads, I immediately made all three
women magazine editors aware of my displeasure and cancelled my subscriptions.
A couple of them thought I would change my mind and continued to send me their
magazine. Finally, they stopped until today when I received one of the magazines
again which still had the dreaded Premarin Vaginal Cream ad.

Well I tore it out, went to the internet and printed a “Premarin Cruelty” page and sent
the material to the editor telling her again why I didn’t want their magazine. I hope she
gets the message this time -that I don’t want their magazine as long as they are promoting
Premarin Horse Cruelty. I only wish that there would be thousands more people like me,
but sadly, I doubt that most will even give this cruelty a second thought.

Anybody out there who cares about mare suffering. – please prove me wrong and cancel
your subscriptions to any of the magazines which carry the Premarin Vaginal Cream ad.
You can even go on the internet and contact the magazines re your displeasure. But I know
that most will not bother, and this amazes me because it either says we don’t really care
about mare suffering or the effort is too time consuming. What about the men? Surely,
this is more than a woman’s issue.

I grew up when there were no cruel products like this one, and I think the women survived
quite well without them.