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Story ID:10594
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

All around us, Satan is at work. It is so obvious and yet people canít see it. He got us to kick prayer out of the schools and public places and events. He doesnít want the kids to pledge allegiance to the flag in school anymore because the words ďUnder God,Ē are a part of it.

We donít want to say Merry Christmas any more but to be politically correct we have to say Happy Holidays. Stores and companies forbid their employees to say Merry Christmas and they ban anything written saying it. All over the country Christian churches are being burned. Not Buddhist temples and not Muslim Mosques, but Christian churches. One church was having a Bible study when a man killed nine of the people there.

The Supreme Court, in violation of the Constitution made Gay marriage the law of the land in all fifty states. Only Congress can make federal law according to the Constitution, but the Supreme Court did it anyway. The same court whose job is to interpret the Constitution, and not to violate it. To make matters worse, corruption was further involved because two justices of the court had been performing these marriages. They should have recused themselves but did not. The Chief Justice should have ordered them to recuse themselves but he did not. Of course, as all believed they would, the two justices who had been performing these marriages voted in favor of them. If that is not corruption, I donít know what is. Without those two votes it would not have passed. Those judges as well as the Chief Just6ice should be impeached, but I know they will not be.

All over the Middle East, Christian churches are being destroyed and Christians are being murdered. Why? Because they are Christians. The United States government is taking in thousands and tens of thousands of Muslim refugees, but they are doing nothing to help Christian refugees. The Muslims have other Muslim countries in the Middle East they can go to for refuge. The Christians have no place to go. Yet, we are taking thousands of Muslims, but no Christians.

Our military chaplains have been ordered not to use the words Jesus Christ in their prayers or services. A general officer is being threatened with Court Martial because he thanked God in a speech on television.

Now, the newest thing is that a couple of Baptist pastors got the idea that God is higher than Country and they have begun flying the Christian flag above instead of below the American flag at their churches. It has caught on and some organization has decided to run with it and they have created a web site to promote the idea.

These people are nuts and it will only start trouble. Yes, of course God is higher than the country. That being said, there is nothing in the Bible anywhere that says there is a flag for Christians. That is strictly a man made thing. God, nor his son Jesus Christ have anything to do with it. They donít and didnít bother themselves with such trivialities. Did not Jesus teach us, ďGive unto Ceaser that which is Ceaserís?Ē What a bunch of fools these people are. They have been taken in by Satan. Christian flag versus the American flag? Give me a break. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

There is a correct and proper protocol. There should be two flag poles and the flags should be flown at the same height at the same time. They should not be flown on the same flag pole at all. Neither one should be above the other.

I hope in their zeal someone will point that out to them before it gets too far. It seems to have taken off extremely fast by well intended but misguided people. I am a zealous Christian and I love the Lord as much as the next guy. I am also an American and love my country. The flag you are putting first before the American flag is something somebody made up. Jesus Christ never had a flag. As far as I am concerned Jesus Christ himself is the Christian symbol and not some flag.

If you want to fly both flags, get another flag pole. To fly the Christian flag above the American flag is Satan motivated. He planted that idea in the pastorís head, not God. Not Jesus either. Neither of them stoop to such nonsense. That is only meant to cause problems and Satan will sit back and watch the fun. It is wrong and it is stupid. Donít fall for it.

If you want to show the world your support for God and Christ, live like a Christian is directed to live. If you donít know what that is, the New Testament of the Holy Bible should give you all the information you need. Try reading it. It wonít hurt, I promise!

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