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Story ID:10608
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Obama and Kerry
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Fred Wickert

Because of the terrible murder of nine black people in a church in S. Carolina, and because the killer had posed with a rebel flag, people believed the rebel flag which flew over the state capital should no longer be there and should be displayed in a mu8seum instead. The state legislature passed such a bill and the governor signed it. The flag came down a few days ago in a special ceremony.

That is all well and good as far as it goes. The flag was a symbol of hate to some and they were offended by it. Some considered it to be racist. As such it was no longer appropriate to fly the flag over the State Capital. To others it was a symbol of pride to people of the South who had ancestors who fought behind that flag against what they felt was an effort of the North to interfere with their way of life and their economy.
For many others, and I believe to most of the South, it just became a symbol of Southern pride. It was displayed at sporting events regularly in that vein. When it was used that way, hate and racism did not cross anyoneís mind.

People for some reason keep trying to change our history for political correctness. It is a foolís errand because our history is what it is. Changing the pages in a history book will not change our history. Our history has many things in it that we now wish was not part of it, but it is there, and it is a part of what and who we are. It will do nothing to deny it. It cannot be changed.

That flag is a part of our history and it has its place. There has been a nation wide frenzy it seems, to do away with the Rebel Flag. Why? It is a part of who we are. I have heard a number of stores that sell them will take them off their shelves. I heard that NASCAR is removing it from the group of fl;ags they show at their events. Why? Are they banning cars from the South? I heard the Dukes of Hazard will be taken off the air. Why? It was a much loved TV show. I also heard that the man who owns the car from that show plans to paint the flag off the roof of the car. Why?

That show was not racist and was not promoting hate or bigotry in any way. The flag was on the roof of that car because it is a Rebel flag and the two boys who used it in that show were rebels. What on earth is wrong with that? If it is painted over it will greatly diminish the worth of the car. It matters not whether it is the same car or not. Without the flag it will no longer be authentic.

There is no need for all this foolishness. The flag has no place over a state capital, but it is perfectly valid in some other circumstances. It is a part of our national history and we cannot change that. There are times and places where it should not be offensive to anyone. It is foolish to try to abolish it from our memory forever. Just be reasonable.

The Rebel flag is not the only thing crazy that has gripped the nation. Today Obama and Kerry are bragging about the great deal they have made with Iran. Neither one of them can see what a disaster it is. I keep hearing people say it is all about Obamaís legacy. That makes little sense to me. Why anyone wants a legacy of being one of the most stupid presidentís the world has ever seen is beyond me. To me the whole thing started out stupid.

In the Clinton administration they put a woman in charge as the Chief Negotiator for the delegation to negotiate with North Korea to insure North Korea will never have nuclear weapons. She made a deal with the North Koreanís. President Clinton was so happy. He told the nation that we were safe and South Korea was safe and everybody in that part of the world was safe because we had made a deal in which it will be impossible for North Korea to ever have nuclear weapons. We all know how that worked out. It has been a total and complete failure.

Knowing how that failed and how useless that deal was, why then, would you have the same woman be the Chief Negotiator with Iran? I know, I know, according to all you saw on TV John Kerry was the Chief Negotiator. John Kerry was the man of the hour. That is all window dressing. John Kerry is the one running his mouth and getting all the TV coverage, but make no mistake about it, that woman that did the North Korean negotiations did the negotiations for this one too. Kerry was just the cheer leader.

Obama and Kerry have made some good sounding statements about the deal. The Prime Minister of Israel, the nation most in jeopardy from this deal is not saying it is a good deal. Many others, Republican and Democrat are not saying that. The Ayatollah is telling the people of Iran that they have a good deal but have defeated us. Can we trust Obama and Kerry?

John Kerry has been a liar ever since he teamed up with Jane Fonda to commit treason together in the Vietnam War. He was a liar when he ran for President. Why should anybody trust what he says now?

Barack Obama has lied to us about almost everything since he started running for office. He has lied about so many things that you canít recognize it if he tells the truth. Why should anyone believe either one of them now? I for one do not. I do believe to have made the deal they say they agreed to, they all have to be nuts!

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