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Dinner at Grandmas house

Story ID:10614
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Dinner at Grandma’s House

Eighty some years ago
Long before I started to school
South of Lockwood, Missouri
At my Granddad’s old farm home
I watched Grandma cook the afternoon meal

I watched as she set the table
Plates, cups and silverware
Laid perfectly by each place
With tender loving care

The pots on the old wood stove
Potatoes, gravy and meat
Watching her move precisely to each pan,
I could hardly wait to eat

Grandma told my Mom
To just set and talk to her
As she tended the cooking
As at each pot she would stop and stir

She stepped outside out on the porch
Grabbed a rope and rang a bell
Called in Dad and Granddad in for dinner
To eat and rest a spell

I watched as she served each one
Coffee, milk, or iced tea
Touched me on the shoulder
When she came close to me

She gathered each dish
When the meals’ done
Took them to the kitchen sink
Washed them one by one

Told my mom
“Don’t put up the dishes or silverware
I have a special place for them to go
Not easy to tell you where”

Fast forward nineteen years
Went to Lockwood, Missouri
To see Grandma
Dad and I were in a hurry

Grandma was in an old-folks-home
We were let into her room
By now she could hardly hear
She took my hand and drew me near

Said “Monte do you still play the piano”
I said no
Told her I had given up the piano
Years ago

She couldn’t hear
But still clear of mind
At the age of 90 + years
But all her life she had been BLIND

Monte L. Manka-7-18-2015