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Story ID:10618
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
Person:Donald Trump
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BY Fred Wickert

There is a controversy raging in the media right now about some remarks Donald Trump made about John Mc Cain. I am hearing a lot of opinions that I disagree with and it is not the first time by any means. I have often heard people referred to as a hero when I disagreed with them using that term.
A good example of that are the four marines and the sailor that were murdered in the recent shooting spree. Right away the media and the politicians are calling them all hero.
They are wrong. They are all victims. They are not all a hero. Some of them are a hero, but not because of this shooting. They are a hero because of their actions in combat at a previous time and place.

When referring to John Mc Cain, Donald Trump said he was a hero because he was captured. No he isnít. He is a hero because of his conduct after he was captured and as a prisoner of war. He deliberately refused to yield to the demands of the enemy, no matter how much he was tortured by them. He endured horrible and unspeakable pain and humiliation but refused to give in to them. When given the opportunity to be released and go home, he refused and said send one of the other prisoners home. Those are the things for which he is a hero. He is not a hero merely because he was a prisoner.

There are many who refer to all veterans as hero. No, they are not. I am a veteran of 20 years and 9 days. I served during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. I was in Korea when the shooting stopped. In the Vietnam War I was in a Fighter/Bomber Wing that did 85% of the bombing of North Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but I am not a hero. I worked hard and I did my job, but I did not do anything special and out of the ordinary that was to make me a hero. We are veterans and we did serve. We are not all a hero.

I think John Mc Cain has used his reputation as a hero a bit too much. I think many times he has been rewarded for other things because of what he did in the Viet Nam prison. He earned the title Hero there. There is no question about it. I admire and respect him for it. I do not believe he should always get a free pass because of it. As Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee I donít believe he has done as much for veterans as he should have. I think on the VA Hospital situation for example, that he should and could have done much more than he has. As many seem to think, I do not believe he should get a pass on that because of his heroism in the Prisoner of War camp. I think Trump said it the wrong way, but I think that was basically what he was talking about,

McCain says Trump owes an apology to all who have been a prisoner. I donít agree with that. I donít agree that every prisoner is a hero. Some are and some are not. In the same way, I donít believe every veteran is a hero either. As a civilian police officer one day, it was on the radio that I was a hero for saving a young manís life. His mother that afternoon when thanking me at the hospital told me I was a hero, I told her that no, I was no hero. I was just doing my job. Any other police officer in the same circumstances would have done the same thing I did. I was no hero. I was just doing my job and I was at the right place at the right time.

I recall when John Kerry was running for President that he was trying to promote himself as a war hero. He had two purple hearts and I think a Silver Star which were phony to begin with. When he teamed up to commit treason along with Jane Fonda, he made a big deal about throwing them over the fence of the White House on TV. Believe me, he was no hero.

I donít know the circumstances of the second Purple Heart but the first one was because he did something stupid. He decided he was going to destroy a drum full of rice, so he as the story goes, pulled the pin on a grenade and threw it in the drum and like a fool, stood there and watched it. A piece of shrapnel grazed his arm. It took no more than a band aid if that. That was his first purple heart and whatever gave him the second one was nothing serious. As for the other medal, he put himself in for it and it was granted.

The men with him that day say he shot a 15 year old boy who had multiple wounds, was wearing a pair of pants and had nothing else. No other clothing, wounded and unarmed, empty handed and running away. Kerry shot him in the back. He put himself in for a medal for it and got it because there was no other officer around and was not refuted. He not only is no hero, but in my view is guilty of murder! That didnít stop them from trying to pawn him off as a hero. Then they cried it was unfair that he got swift boated. The crew of the boat came forward and told the truth.

The term hero in my view is used far too often when it is not valid. I heard a call in listener on a TV show make the claim that all real heroís are dead. The people on the TV show shook their heads over it and made comments implying that she wasnít all there. Like Donald Trump, I think she misspoke. I think she had hero confused with Medal of Honor winner. The majority of those are dead because they get killed doing whatever got them that medal in the first place, but they are not all dead. Some of them do live to tell about it and to wear the medal. Make no mistake. Anyone who earns a Congressional Medal of Honor is a hero too, in the strongest sense of the word.

I donít believe Donald Trump used the right words but I do believe what he was trying to say is correct. I think part of the problem of the uproar is because people, especially members of the media, use the term hero improperly far too often. I think people should get over it and move on. I am not supporting Trump. I am not convinced of his sincerity as a Conservative. He has donated mostly to the Democrats in the past, including to Hillary. On the other hand, he has his own money and nobody owns him. He can say what he wants without it costing him a major donor. It is something to think about. He could even decide to run as an Independent and wreck the Republican chance to win just like Ross Perot did. Donít take him lightly.

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