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The Story of Three Shelter Dogs

Story ID:10619
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
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For me- there are no ugly-looking people and neither are there any ugly-looking dogs.
I hate the contest that seems to go on each year for the ugliest dog. How unkind.
Who ever thought this up is definitely in my opinion not very kind, and the people
who participate in this contest follow close behind. Would we like to be candidates
in an ugliest person contest?

But now I am looking at the pictures of 3 of possibly thousands of dogs each year
who need rescuing from cruelty or homelessness. Some of these dogs are being turned
in to a shelter. Of course, turning in an unwanted companion animal to a shelter
is better than just turning them out on the street to fend for themselves.

I found the stories of these three dogs on Examiner.com, and if you care about animals,
you may want to get their e-mails too. I get their Rescue link, and the stories are as
to be expected -basically sad.

I wish that I could share WANDA’S picture with you. She is said to be an unaltered
black Chow Chow. I have never seen so much sadness in a dog’s eyes before, and
believe me, she has reason to be sad. The beautiful people at Leave No Paws Behind
rescued Wanda, and after being examined by a vet, they described her condition: “Sadly,
Wanda remains at the vet in critical and guarded condition. She has a bloody nasal
discharge which could be a cancerous tumor. Wanda is believed to be 12-years-old,
but no matter what the diagnosis, this dog will not be alone, will be kept safe and is
resting comfortably on a soft bed. Wanda’s life matters.”

I love these people – what can I say about them other then they have hearts of
gold. Wanda is in good hands- finally.

HARLEY- a 13-year-old dog is devastated as his owner abandons him. Thirteen is pretty
old for a dog, and for someone to abandon him at this time, speaks volumes to their
heartlessness. I can’t help wondering how they will fare when they are old and grey.
Will somebody give them a taste of their own medicine?

Harley was videotaped just moments after his owner walked away. What a heartbreaking
video to see him shiver in fear. And it was even more heartbreaking to watch him quickly
survey the entire area in vain - hoping his owner would be returning.

The writer wondered just how good were the chances of a 13-year-old senior dog finding
a new home? Even so, there are good, caring people out there as well, and the site has
already listed his availability: “My name is Harley and I am a neutered male, black
Pomeranian and Chihuahua-Smooth Coated mix. Shelter staff think I am about 13-
years-old. I have been at the shelter since July 11, 2015. For more information, call
the San Bernardino City Animal Control.” We are rooting for your Harley!

OREO- so scared that he defecates on himself as his owner surrenders him to the shelter.
You would think that this happening might raise a feeling of compassion and a change
of heart. But you would be wrong. There are people who just don’t know the meaning of
compassion, and Oreo’s owner seems to be one of them. Are there ever justifiable
reasons for surrendering a companion animal? Maybe, but I doubt it.

But more about his first day at the Carson Animal Care Center. Here he would take in
the smells, the sights, and the reality of being in a place where he didin’t want to be -
all because his needs were not important to the woman who had been his entire life
for the last five years.

After being placed in a cage with 2 dominant dogs who nipped and pushed him, there
was good news for Oreo. Another rescue organization picked him up, and this sweet dog
would be soon adopted. His new owner was driving to Los Angeles from Los Gatos to
pick him up. I hope this time it will be for keeps and a place of love and happiness

And I hope that both Wanda and Hartley will also get the families they both need and deserve,
For that matter, every dog or cat deserves to be with a loving family. And, of course, this is
a two-way street, and each animal will hopefully bring along with them a pleasing disposition.
Some may not measure up to our expectations, but that is to be expected, because- like it or
not – neither are we always paragons of perfection.

Two of my 7 rescued cats can be problematic on occasion, but I would never think of taking
them to a shelter or abandoning them to the outside.