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In Praise of the HSUS

Story ID:10627
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington DC District of Columbia usa
Person:Wayne Pacelle
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Yesterday I read some disparaging remarks re the Humane Society of the US (HSUS)
in an Oped post. It raised my hackles. Obviously, the people who made them don’t
know very much about the HSUS and what it does. They should try reading a couple
of Wayne Pacelle’s blogs called “A Humane Nation,” and I think they will change their

Yes, I am aware that at one time- years ago some people were sadly disillusioned
re the high salary of the president of the HSUS at that time. I don’t know what Wayne
Pacelle’s salary is, but I hope it is within the bounds of need and proportionate to
the time and effort he gives to his job as president of HSUS.

Today he reminded us of the article re a whistleblowing veterinarian who revealed
the horrors of a government- run laboratory in Nebraska. He told his story to Michael
Moss of the New York Times in January of this year. Moss wrote about what what
he said was happening there. Scientists at the Center were locking pigs in steam
chambers until they died. Calves were bred with deformed vaginas and tangled legs.
Newborn lambs were left to starve, freeze, or get battered to death by hail. Even though
their misguided purpose re the lambs was an attempt to produce “easy care” sheep -
what they did to these poor lambs and animals seemed more to me like a page from
Hitler’s cruel medical experimentations.

Why is our government involved in pouring millions of our tax dollars into research and
development for the benefit of industrial agriculture? I, as a vegan, and I hope that
other vegans and vegetarians are equally appalled re using our taxes in this way. I also
believe that even meat eaters do not condone this cruelty to farm animals for research.

Where is the President and Congress in this matter? This week I sent MFA’s Dairy Cruelty
post to President Obama. I told him that I had voted for him because I thought he would
be a caring president. It is now obvious to me that he is not because I have never heard
him say anything in behalf of suffering animals. I also told him that I thought we had a
terrible USDA which does absolutely nothing in this regard. Even Pacelle made the
observation re the Animal Research Center (MARC) that the US Department of Agriculture
leaders were not paying the least bit of attention to the horrors which went on in this US
research center in Nebraska.

You are probably thinking – good luck on believing that you have a chance in a thousand
of getting your letter read. And yes, that is so. I am told that the president receives thousands
of letters each day which are read by his helpers and only 10 make it to his desk. But you
know what – if thousands of us write on this topic – the odds will be in our favor.

Pacelle also clued us in to what is happening now in Congress re animal concerns. Sadly,
his post in this regard was titled “A Raft of Bad Ideas Bubble Up in Congress.” While Pacelle
acknowledges that Congress is off to a brisk start when it comes to animal issues -the actions
are turning back the clock and reviving bad ideas.

1. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has again introduced legislation to overturn state laws which
protect animals. This Catholic seems to me to be out of sinc with Pope Francis. And then
there are also some Catholic Republicans who don’t even agree with him about climate change.
2. Mainly Republicans from the Upper Great Lakes and Wyoming have introduced legislation
to remove federal protection for wolves. And you won’t be surprised to find out that the
”Sportsman” Act which is also supported by many of them has provisions which will not
benefit the animals.
3. As soon as the HSUS secured two federal court rulings restoring the Endangered Species Act
protecting the wolves in the Great Lakes region and Wyoming, trophy hunters and the National
Rifle Association is calling on Congress to wipe out these critical proctections claiming that
doing so would insure public safety and prevent lifestock killings. It would also more than likely
come close to wiping out the wolf species.

I have only touched some of the salient points in these two Wayne Pacelle blogs and it reaffirms
my belief that the HSUS cares about animals as they have always. For people to find fault with
them makes me wonder about what they expect from the HSUS that they so easily criticize them.
I hope these ignorant people are few and far inbetween. I also failed to mention that they have
closed down some puppy mills and worked with city officials to rehome these terrified dogs and
their puppies. They also take care of some rescued animals in their Black Beauty Ranch which I
believe is in Texas. We need the HSUS. That is – if we care about animals. That is – if we want
to keep tabs on a Congress which basically seems so self-serving and uncaring re animal life.

Thank you HSUS for all the good and invaluable work you do for God’s animal creation.