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Need New Olympic Committee

Story ID:10630
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Beijing - China
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I can’t believe that the Olympic Committee has awarded the 2022 Winter Olympic
Games to Beijing again. I boycotted the past Beijing Summer Olympics because of
China’s cruelty to the Racoon dogs which were then and probably still are being skinned
alive for their fur. Unbelievable that innocent dogs are being SKINNED ALIVE. My God-
I wince in pain with my little cuts, scrapes, and bruises which are nothing – absolutely
nothing in comparison to what these poor dogs go through, and this country is deemed
worthy to host the Winter Olympics? Doesn’t a country’s character mean anything?

I agreed with Michael Arace of the Columbus Dispatch whose column title read: Beijing:
the latest proof of Olympics corruption. He noted that Norway, Ukraine, Poland and
Sweden had pulled their bids. Perhaps they were all concerned re the prohibitive costs
of the 2014 Sochi games. Russia paid $50 billion dollars for this “honor.” Even If this huge
amount could be raised –then they must also have thought twice about the 7,000 pages
of IOC’s difficult demands which would have to be met as well.

The final bidding for the 2022 Winter Games was between Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan.
I don’t know anything about Almaty, Kazakhstan, but in my view, I would prefer them or
almost any other country to China except for countries like Spain which also has a poor
animal concern record.

Arace began his article with noting the dearth of snow in China – a requisite for the Winter
Olympics, and added with a bit of sarcasm – obviously, smog would do.

Earlier this year I had been happy to learn that a partnership had been formed between Poland
and Slovakia to bid for these Winter Olympics. For sure they share the beautiful Tatras
and have snow – lots of it. And they, as the other bidders, had something more in common.
None of these bidder countries -to my knowledge is as guilty of animal cruelty as China.
I am ashamed of a committee who doesn’t think the way a country treats its animals isn’t an
important requisite for holding the Olympic Games.

I looked to the internet to get more information re China’s cruelty to animals and found a
number of links in this regard. One link read- CHINA SUCKS. Some activists wanted to warn
foreigners of the many animal atrocities occurring here in the hopes that the government
would try to curb them. No such luck. Instead -the officials spent resources in disallowing
information to spread outside their borders.

Historically, there has been little protection for animals in China. Even as late as 2006 with no
laws against animal cruelty in place -police officers are allowed to shoot stray dogs on sight.
The Sunday Express recently wrote about a particularly cruel incident. Their title read “Horrific
animal cruelty that shames China: Wild mob kills dogs just for WALKING into a city.”

Two Tibetan mastiffs had wandered innocently off their village farm and entered a city where
large dogs are outlawed. They were chased by a wild mob and were stoned before they were
shot and eventually bludgeoned to death with spades. What kind of lessons are these people
teaching their young? Obviously – do as we do –perpetuate cruelty to innocent animals.

And the writer of China Sucks also noted that “... many of the worst offenses are done against
animals for monetary gain. Many foxes and other animals are skinned while alive in order to
produce furs for clothing and other goods. Peta also recently informed us that angora rabbits
in China shriek as their fur is viciously pulled away from their small bodies – almost like the
plucking of down from geese who are left with bloody breasts. People like me don’t need
any of these cruel products which cause so much suffering to animals. I’m still wearing a
fiber- filled coat from the 80’s in the winter.

Fish and many other animals are also traditionally killed while alive instead of first killed and
then dressed. This has been seen all over social media outlets in the past few years. I also
read this happening in San Francisco’s Chinese Market. So glad my sister and I missed visiting
this place of cruelty when we had a stop over in San Francisco on our way home to Ohio.

I have just touched on some of China’s cruelty to animals. You may want to check out more on
this topic on the internet. You will find the yearly Yulin Meat Festival which was held recently
where thousands of caged dogs are brought in from all over the country to be cruelly slaughtered
and eaten. There is also a section on horse cruelty where people gather together to “enjoy”
the spectacle of two horses fighting to I believe the death of one of them.

I am never so proud of my parent’s homeland – Slovakia – then as when I read about China, Spain,
and other countries which are cruel to animals. We may not be a rich country. We may not be a
large county, but I believe Slovakia to be a compassionate country. If so, I will always be proud of that.

And my apologies to any compassionate Chinese who are just as sickened and heartbroken re China’s
poor record on animal rights as the rest of us. Hopefully, their numbers will increase so that one day
the cruelties to animals in China and the US will only be a sad remembrance. New caring generations
of China spurred on by compassionate Chinese Anericans in the US will make it happen.