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Beautiful People

Story ID:10649
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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You might think from my title that I am going to write about the people who walk
the red carpet on Oscar night. If so, you would be oh so wrong. For me -true beauty
comes from within.

Today on Dog Time, I found an account of quite a few very beautiful people. The title
of their blog will give away much about the first incredible and beautiful person:
“Homeless Man in California Travels to Indianapolis with 10 Dogs.” He was on his
way there with 6 dollars in his pocket. His girlfriend in Indianapolis promised she
would help him -once he made it to Indianapolis.

Little did he know that he would find an angel in West Memphis, Arkansas. Alicia
Erdington, -while driving near West Memphis saw a man pedaling a bicycle pulling
a wagon full of dogs. Because of traffic, she was unable to stop, but she instinctively
knew he needed help. He probably would not get too far on a bicycle hauling a cart
of dogs, so she hurried to shop for some dog food and treats-hoping she would catch
up to him.

What a lady. She kept looking for him, and within a few hours she spotted him. She
pulled over and introduced herself. She wanted to hear his story. He said he had
started his journey two weeks earlier. He said his name was Steve, and then he promptly
started to introduce her to his dogs by name. Precious. Naturally he told her- it was all
about his dogs, and he wasn’t concerned about himself.

Erdlington proved to be another special beautiful person. She took some pictures of this
little caravan, and with Steve’s permission, she posted to a social media asking if anyone
else wanted to help him out.

Yes, there were other good people out there, and help came pouring in. People responded
with not only dog food- but even hotel rooms for Steve and his dogs to spend their nights.
Someone else started a gofundme page which more than doubled it’s ten thousand dollar
goal. And then yet another beautiful lady picked them all up and loaded them into her vehicle
and drove them the rest of the way to Indianapolis.

A big surprise awaited them there. A kind and very generous person donated a trailer for
them to live in. And it all started with Ms. Erdington’s thoughtful concerns in West Memphis,

As for Steve- he told his friends and benefactors that for the last fourteen years he has cared
for over 50 dogs. He noted that the dogs were always there for him when sadly no one else
was. He said he will always be there for them, no matter what.

Well as it turns out to my surprise and happiness - there were quite a few beautiful people
in Steve’s story, and I have a feeling there will always be some in his selfless life. Anybody
who has known the love of a dog understands Steve’s love for them. You can follow Steve
and his pups on Facebook. Who knows what other wonderful happenings are in store for him
and his pups, though I think he will be able to make it on his own now with the help of his