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Story ID:10651
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Yulin Yulin China
Person:Chinese people in China
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By Fred Wickert

Not long ago there was an article about dog eating in Yulin, China posted in Ourecho by Suzanna Megles. It was titled, “A NEEDED MIRACLE FOR YULIN, CHINA” and was ourecho story ID#10,549.

I have some Chinese friends who save their newspapers for me to use in the bottom of my parrot cages. They have restaurant businesses and the trucks that bring their restaurant supplies from New York City also bring them as a courtesy some Chinese newspapers. The ones they don’t use they save for me.

One day recently I took a paper off the pile and noticed two pictures on the cover page in color. The reason they caught my eye is because they were pictures of a wide street jammed with demonstrators as far as the camera could see. The demonstrators were all oriental people. Many were carrying signs on a stick. The words on the signs were a mixture of English and Chinese.

Most notable of all was that in the foreground there was a very large tarp that was spread out and carried by a number of demonstrators. On it was a picture of a dog and one of a cat. There were large words painted on it in English and the words were, “STOP EATING DOGS AND CATS.”

I removed the page from the newspaper and set it aside. The next time I went to see my Chinese friends I took the paper with me. I showed it to my friend and I asked him what was that all about and where was the demonstration in the picture and why were they demonstrating.

After my friend looked at the pictures and read the Chinese print, he explained it to me. He said the picture was taken in Hong Kong, but he explained that there were other demonstrations the same day in every major city in China.

My Chinese friend explained that there was one small city in one small province in China where every year there was some kind of holiday. He said that it is the custom of the people in that small city and province to eat dog meat every year on that holiday. He explained that all the other people in China were against that. None of them believed in eating dog meat and they wanted it stopped. They were demonstrating to try to get the government to put a stop to it. He said they had protests all over China against it last year too, but the government ignored it. He said it is the intention of the Chinese people to demonstrate every year like that until it was stopped.

As for the cats, he said he did not understand why they had cats included on their signs. He said nobody in all of China would eat a cat. They are afraid to do that because it would bring bad luck on them. He told me when cats die in China, their dead bodies are hung in a tree to scare away evil spirits.

So you see Suzanna, there is hope that the dog eating for that festival in Yulin, China will come to an end after all. When it does, it will be because the majority of the Chinese people are against it and will continue to demonstrate against it every year until they do. Who knows? Maybe some letters from Americans to the President of China as you suggested, will play a role too.

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