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The Torture of Patagonia's Lambs

Story ID:10655
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:? ? Patagonia
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Today I could not watch the video which PetaUK sent us. The picture at the post was
frightening in itself. It pictured two men with a lamb and one had a knife it seemed
ready to cut into the lamb’s foot. How did I surmise this without watching the video?
By the title of the post: Exposed: Lambs Mutilated and Skinned Alive on Farms of
Patagonia’s ‘Sustainable Wool’ Supplier.

How ironic that also today I picked up a copy of the Ark from Catholic Concern for
Animals. On the cover was a smiling Pope Francis with a beautiful lamb on his
shoulders. And here in Patagonia which is shared by both Argentina and Chile -
they were cruelly mutilating innocent lambs for their wool. How I wish that the
Pope could read PetaUK’s post re this cruelty.

And not surprisingly- most people who perpetrate cruelty of any kind on innocent
animals will deny that they are doing anything wrong. And Patagonia’s lamb shearers
obviously belong to this group -unless they are forced for monetary reasons to labor in
circumstances that are intolerably cruel. Someone there – obviously the owners- are
nevertheless claiming that their wool is responsibly sourced.

Responsibly sourced? when according to PetaUK “Young lambs had pieces of their ears
cut out with plier-like tools and had their tails cut off. One lamb was castrated by having
a tight ring put around his scrotum-all without painkillers. Such hideous mutilations are
common across the wool industry.” Needless to say -that’s why I believe more and more
people are becoming vegan. Who could stomach even thinking of this brutality to innocent
lambs for an unnecessary wool coat or cap?

But sadly there is more. Workers were documented killing conscious lambs in horrifying
and gruesome ways. After tying their legs together, knives were plunged into their throats
and sawed through their necks. They also snapped the victims’ head back trying to break
their necks.

Even though after this ordeal- some unfortunate lambs were still alive and kicking - workers
nevertheless would drive a knife into their legs and start skinning them while they were
still alive. How could anybody work in such a place of horror? How can anybody treat an
innocent living lamb this way?

After being hacked apart- their organs were carved out of their bodies and their severed heads
dumped into a bloody tub. They didn’t even have the decency to shield this terrible cruelty
from the other terrified lambs.

And PetaUK is urging us to avoid buying products of wool- because no matter where it comes
from- it is a product of animal suffering. PetaUs has also uncovered similar abuses on sheep
farms all over the world. There is no humane way to raise and kill animals for their wool for a
mass market.

Finally, they reminded us that there are many warm, animal-free clothing options available. I still
wear my coats from the 80’s with textured filling. When I read posts such as this one, I am so
glad that nothing in my closet is made from wool or down either. This winter I was saddened
that many people were buying down jackets. This is certainly a cruelty as well – to pluck the
down from live ducks or geese and leave them suffering with unattended bloody chests. Think
if someone pulled tufts of hair from your head and then you will know something about what
these poor birds suffer for those down jackets or coats. I’ll stick with textured stuffing any day.

If you want to do something for those poor lambs -go to the internet and find this link
to sign their petition:
“Patagonia’s ‘Sustainable Wool’ Supplier Exposed /Take Action/PETA.org.uk –1.

And if you think the Holy Father should know about this cruelty –please do e-mail him. Can’t
say you will get a response, but trying is a blessed thing to do for the lambs.