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Story ID:10658
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City Every state USA
Person:everal parties
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By Fred Wickert

When I graduated from high school, if a girl wanted to get an abortion she had to find somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody. Then she had to secretly get her hands on a lot of cash. Secret arrangements were made to go somewhere out of state.

When she got there, it was usually some shabby dirty place. A couple of people came in and led her to a kitchen table or some such thing. The deed was quickly done without any clean instruments or niceties like that. When the job was done the people left quickly and the girl was on her own.

Every now and then the girl was in big trouble with severe bleeding that did not stop. If she was lucky she was able to find a way to a hospital in time to save her. If not, she bled to death. If all went well she could come home, stay in bed a couple of days saying she didnít feel well. Then she could get up when she was feeling better and resume her life.

If the girl or the people involved in performing the abortion got caught, there was a long prison term to be expected for all parties involved. That happened less often than the girl bleeding to death.

There was another alternative. Before anyone knew she was pregnant she could go away and live with a grandmother and come back in a year or so. She had the baby and it was put up for adoption. Then the girl came back home to live. Friends were told Grandmother was feeling better and didnít need her any more.

Then Roe Vs Wade came along and so did Political Correctness. All of a sudden there is no more stigma attached to getting pregnant out of wedlock. Abortion is legal, you can get it in the hospital with a real doctor and all the medical protection, and in some cases it is even free.

After a while people didnít make up their mind until they were about due, so political correctness once again prevailed and Partial Birth abortion was adopted. That became okay.

An organization calling themselves Planned Parenthood came along. The woman who was the founder of it in her writings promoted the use of human body parts for research. She openly agreed with Hitler and Dr. Mengele in that idea.

Now, Planned Parenthood has been found to be selling such parts of aborted babies to the highest bidder. It has even been suggested that most valuable is a complete and undamaged fetus. It seems the woman who is going to have a late term abortion is given some sort of drugs to cause her to go in to labor. If they donít get to her soon enough, she gives birth to the fetus. If it is alive, no help is given and it is allowed to die. Then they have a complete undamaged fetus to sell. That one is worth a higher price. Several federal laws are broken in the process, but we donít allow that to bother us.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, one running for President and another who may run for President have publicly announced their support for Planned Parenthood in this abhorrent behavior. Come to think of it, back when abortion brought a prison sentence, Hitler and Dr. Mengele who also favored it, were thought to be horrible monsters.

As near as I can tell nobody seems to be thinking of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren as monsters. Does that mean times have changed so much that we Americans might actually elect someone who believes that way as our President? Come to think of it, President Obama has made no comment about it as far as I know. Does that mean he supports it also and just donít want us to know? He certainly has not come out against it.

Yes, times have changed drastically. Michelle Obama said that until Barack was nominated for President, she could never be proud of this country. Since Barack became President, I am finding it increasingly difficult to be proud of this country any more. How about you?

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