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Happy's Korner August, 2015

Story ID:10661
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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By Chuck Dishno
Happy’s Korner…
August 20, 2015

I am happy that two weeks ago I turned 81 and things are looking up.

I am happy that we survived the “heat wave” earlier this month when the temperature reached 95 degrees..

I am happy that I survived three trips to the ER last year and am now doing much better.

I am happy that after 5 units of blood, my red cell count is back to normal and blood pressure too.

I am happy that for a small town we have a great hospital and ambulance service that is only 5 minutes away.

I am happy to have that Roz’s daughter, Roberta, bought a house here in Dillon and will be moving next week.

I am happy that Roberta is getting out of that rat race they call, LA, and will near us.

I am happy to have friends to who love and care for us.

I am happy to look out my window and see the birds emptying my bird feeder in about 3 hours.

I am happy that even my mobility is very limited; I can still look out my den window and see the trees blowing.

I am happy that even though I can’t get out anymore in my mind’s eye I can still see the glory of a carpet of stars, reminding me of the song, Home on the Range, when it says, “Does their glory exceed that of ours.”

I am happy to remember the glory of the heavens at dawn, the blending of colors at sunset and the magnificence of the mountains.

I am happy remember the majesty of ocean breakers, the shimmering moonlight on a calm lake and the bubbling sound of a mountain stream.

I am happy to be able to hear the beautiful strains of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata played on a violin.

I am happy to remember the scent of orange blossoms, the smell of new-mown hay, the clasp of a friends hand and the tenderness of a mother’s kiss.

I am happy to love and be loved.

I am happy to have a wife who loves me more than life its self.

I am happy that Roz and I have so many memories of our 45 plus years together.

I am happy believe in our nation’s motto, “In God We Trust” and we are still a Christian nation and with His help we will come back even stronger.

I am happy to have so many email and OurEcho friends who read and respond to my stories.

I am happy that I do not crab about everything and believe that there is much good in the world.

I am happy that I am an eternal optimist and I will survive no matter what comes.

I am happy to believe I have led a good life and God will take Roz and I in His arms and see us into eternity.

I am Happy, Happy, Happy! If I were anymore happy I would be twins.