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A Whole Range of Emotions

Story ID:10662
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various various
Person:Lucie/Golden Tate
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Today while reading the September/October issue of HSUS’s all animals (no capitals),
I experienced a range of emotions from joy and laughter to horror and sadness. You
might also experience these same emotions from the two posts I will share here now.

FOR THE LOVE OF A HORSE. You have got to think that this title will certainly
provoke a feeling of joy and gratitude. At least it did for me. Eight-year old Lucie
Bohnsak loves horses, and here she was pictured with a beautiful white horse-
looking lovingly at him.

She so wanted to adopt a horse from the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption
Center at the Cleveland Armory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. She also knew that
she would have to meet certain requirements. And what were they? You would have
to be 18; you would have to have a barn; you would need an acre of land or a farrier;
and you would have to earn at least $25,000 a year. I laughed because even I, an
octogenarian, couldn’t meet these requirements. But of course, I also realized that
the requirements were necessary in order to provide a good life for the horse.

Lucie, who lives in Connecticut, knew she didn’t meet any of these requirements either-
but undaunted, she would make her pitch. I believe she did this with the help of either
her mother or baby sitter. She then diligently filled out the adoption application. She
listed her current employer as “second grade” and her babysitter and teachers as
references. I think at this point is when I enjoyed a good hearty laugh. What a wonderful
little girl- who at the very least would try to convince the people at the Black Beauty Ranch
of her ardent desire to adopt a horse.

She sent the application and $50 of her own money to cover the application fee. She
also included a handwritten letter in which she wrote “Please do not think my application
is a joke...I feel in my heart that even if not this year, then one year I will provide a loving
home for a horse.”

Needless to say- staff members at the ranch were touched by her sincerity. Director Ben
Callison even called to discuss the adoption process with her -when she finally and sadly
realized and had to admit that she wasn’t quite ready for a horse at this time.

But her disappointment gave way to excitement when Callison invited Lucie and her mom
to visit the Texas ranch. She said of this invitation “I felt like I was going to burst, I was
so excited!”

And what a 2-day visit that turned out to be. Lucie helped groom and exercise horses-
many of whom had been rescued from abuse and neglect. She also toured the sanctuary’s
1,437 acres after which she remarked “Black Beauty Ranch taught me that every animal
should get a second chance”

Back home- Lucie even wrote a letter to the editor encouraging people to help end horse
slaughter. I hope she mentioned that the SAFE Act would do that. If you haven’t written
your Congress person yet in this regard, I hope this little girl will inspire you to do so today.

Of her visit to Black Beauty Ranch- Director Ben Callison said that Lucie reinvigorated the
staff, and it was wonderful to see a child who wants to make a difference for animals at
such a young age.

Clearly, reading this post brought me JOY and LAUGHTER. Another picture in the magazine
also did the same for me. It showed a jubilant GOLDEN TATE -a wide receiver for the Detroit
Lions with a huge smile on his face holding Rosie a rescued dog. Rosie had had a battered
past and a case of heartworm. Tate and his girl friend had agreed to foster Rosie. Somehow,
I think now -that during this football season I will be rooting for Tate and the Detroit Lions
even though I am a Cleveland Browns fan.

Now the emotions of HORROR AND DISGUST

A cautionary tale for anyone who thinks that a fur coat and cap or a trinket covered in fur
is a great buy. In this account in HSUS’s all animals magazine -written by Karen E. Lange
entitled “The Grisly Truth”- one learns what happens to millions of innocent Raccoon dogs
each year. There is a video on the internet for anyone who thinks they will be able to watch
this horrific account of the barbaric treatment accorded to these innocent dogs.

Here is Lange’s description of the video: A raccoon dog is clubbed and hung upside down,
still conscious, as a seller in a Chinese market yanks off her skin. Then the peeled animal-
live, moving, blinking-is thrown on a pile to die. The subject of a 2005 investigation, she was
just one of MILLIONS of raccoon dogs killed every year in China for her fur. And this fur makes
its way into our department stores – sometimes advertised or labeled as faux fur or polyester.

I was surprised to read that both China and Finland supply the majority of the world’s raccoon
dog fur. Whether Finland engages in the same barbaric treatment I am not aware, but I believe
anyone with compassion will avoid ALL fur products.

I had first heard about this cruelty in 2008 when the Olympic Games were being held in Beijing.
You couldn’t pay me then to watch them. And I am disgusted with the Olympic committee that
they have again awarded the winter Olympics to Beijing. I will not be watching those games

There are other posts of horror as well as of loving concern for animals in this issue of HSUS- all
animals. I know that I will continue to read and reread this magazine of value and information for
anyone who loves and cares about animals.