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Story ID:10680
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

About four days ago a cop was sent on a domestic dispute call. When he got there the husband who had been beating his wife shot the cop with a sawed off shot gun.

The next day in Texas a deputy sheriff was filling the gas tank in his patrol car. He had just finished handling a vehicle accident. He needed to refuel before resuming patrol. A man walked up behind him, shot two bullets in to his head. He fell to the ground and the killer stood over his fallen body and pumped the rest of the bullets in his gun into the fallen deputy sheriff.

Yesterday a police Lieutenant, a man with 30 years of service and going to retire the end of the month was in pursuit on foot of three young men. He radioed for help, giving his location and describing the three as two white and one black. When his back up arrived they found his dead body. He had been shot to death and his belt with gun, extra magazines and pepper spray and probably hand cuffs were gone. The killers had taken them.

Yesterday also, a large group of black people carrying signs saying “Black lives matter,” and chanting the words, “FRY THEM LIKE BACON, PIGS IN A BLANKET.” To translate the meaning, it is saying to kill police and pigs referring to police, in blankets referring to body bags.

Our President Barack Obama, former Attorney General as well as the new one, Al Sharpton and the mayor of New York City have all devoted rhetoric in favor of black criminals who have been killed by police, and against the police. They have helped stir up this hoax advertised around the country that have made it open season on police officers. When these police officers get killed none say a word about it. The President did release a statement through a White House spokesman about one of them but said nothing. Instead he went to Alaska to change the name on a mountain that belongs to Alaska and was not his place to name anyway.

Neither the President, Hillary Clinton, nor the Democrat party has done anything but support the Black Lives Matter group. They should be condemning them and what they say, but instead they are in support of it.

Today outside of Boston, a sniper fired bullets into a police car on the highway. The officer was not killed, but he lost control of the car. The car went off the road and crashed and caught fire.

I was a cop for twenty five years. My last police job was as Chief of Police in a small town. I resigned because I was fed up with the small town politics and politicians. A man offered me a job with a third higher pay and fewer hours. I accepted and turned in my resignation to the Village.

Being a cop back then was hard enough, but at least the government believed in law and order. They were not openly against the police. They were not openly in support of an organized group of demonstrators calling for the murder of police officers. They are now.

I’m so glad I’m not a cop anymore! I urge everyone to support your police. I urge everyone to give your support to the wives and kids of cops too. They live in fear every day because they don’t know if their loved one will be home again. Please keep them in your prayers and tell the politicians to support the police.

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