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Remembering Some Special Dogs on Labor Day

Story ID:10687
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various us
Person:Ginny, Boy, Max
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This Labor Day I was greatly saddened because my next door neighbor-
Allen, a Jack of all trades, who has helped me out countless times with
so many home-related jobs- must be in deep pain this morning. He e-mailed
me reporting that Boy, his beloved dog companion of many years, died peacefully
in his sleep at 4:45 A.M. No, this would not be a happy Labor’s Day for Allen-
or for me, for that matter, and for all the other people who loved Boy as well.

He and Boy had been a neighborhood fixture. Every time Allen had to go to a
job – there was Boy with him – sticking out his head in the car’s window in
almost all kinds of weather. When Allen came to my house to fix a home
problem- Boy would be in my enclosed back yard – trying to make his time away
from Allen as enjoyable as possible. But once Allen came out and opened the
car doors, he was in the car in no time flat.

And, in my opinion, I think that Boy also had good food sense. A couple of times
I made him a vegan Boca chicken burger which he seemed to relish almost as
much as I did. Rest in peace, dear Boy. You will be terribly missed by Allen and
by all us who knew and loved you. Allen surprised me by writing that you were
with God. Yes, I believe that too, and when the world comes to an end according to
Ecclesiastes: ”What now is has already been, what is to be, already is, and God
RESTORES what would otherwise be displaced.”

Sorin, another dear friend who has helped me with many of my computer woes,
has also experienced the loss of his beloved dog Max this year. He could never
say anything bad about Max, and found him a complete joy for the years he
spent with him. I know only too well the pain of losing beloved companion
animals. Over the past 40 years I have lost 7 dogs and close to 40 rescued cats.
No, losing these wonderful animal friends is never easy.


I am sure some of you have heard Ginny’s story before and so had I, but when Julia
Higgins wrote her story once more on Dog Time – I read it again with great joy as
though I was reading it for the first time. Ginny and her 3 puppies had been abandoned
in the closet of a vacant apartment, but when discovered by the landlord –he had the
presence of mind to call a shelter.

In such poor condition, the shelter even entertained thoughts of putting them down,
but decided instead to give them a chance to live with good nourishment and care. So
very happy they did, for otherwise this extraordinary dog might not have lived to fulfill
her spectacular calling in life to save almost 1,000 cats over her life time. The number
is astounding and Ginny was an amazing dog who died in 2005.

But now her story. Phillip Gonzales was suffering from depression. He hoped that adopting
a dog for therapeutic purposes would help his condition. Obviously, he had already visited
the shelter a couple of times and had his eye on one of the dogs. Returning to adopt, he
found she was no longer available. Then someone in the shelter suggested he take Ginny
for a walk.

Gonzales was reluctant at first to walk her, and this special little dog picked up on this
and she refused to budge until he made eye contact. For the first time ever perhaps he
now realized that dogs have feelings too, and he became charmed by her. On their first
walk -she took off suddenly and went straight to a pipe. By pawing on it, she was able to
release five kittens. How did she know? Animal behaviorists speculate that since she herself
had been trapped and unable to help her starving litter, she would later feel the need to
overcompensate for it later.

And so she did because her life’s mission would be to help cats in need. She always wanted
to search alleys, buildings, dumpsters – anywhere she could find injured or abandoned

Gonzalez helped her in these rescue missions by taking the abandoned or injured cats to local
animal shelters for medical attention and prospective new homes.

And Ginny also revealed a special soft spot for impaired felines. When Gonzales found her
begging in front of a kennel, he knew that there was a special impaired cat who needed help.
In this case the cat was blind. Then she discovered a deaf cat who also became a family
member. Their cat family continued to grow over the years, and those who they could not
adopt out or take to the shelter they would feed. It would become a daily morning ritual
at 4:30 am to feed hundreds of hungry stray cats. Gonzalez said even though he had a
small disability check from a construction accident, he had to do this because Ginny
taught him the importance of giving love.

What an incredible story. What a magical pairing of an incredible dog with an incredible
man. It makes one glad that indeed you will sometimes find both special animals and
special people in this world where often we find so much unkindness and cruelty. Here we
found a man and a dog who were so wonderfully different and special. If only we would find
more like them- this world would be a better place.