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Story ID:10692
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Middleburgh New York USA
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By Fred Wickert

In 1975 I was a small town police chief. My office was on the second floor of the Municipal Building. It had once been a bank. My office was a large spacious room and just inside the door was a small kitchen. The village Highway Superintendent also took care of the village water supply. His office was in the village garage building, but he tested the water samples every day in the kitchen in my office.

One day I was in my office and Jack came in to do his water testing. From time to time abandoned bicycles were picked up. They were brought to store in my office. If no one came to claim them after six months we disposed of them. There was a new addition to the group of bicycles and it was a pretty nice one. Jack saw that bicycle and went over to take a closer look at it.

Jack asked me what the story was on that “one?” He said it looked just like the one he had bought for his daughter the previous Christmas. He said unless he was mistaken that was his daughters bike and he had paid a good price for it.

I told him it had been left one night lying crosswise of the post office driveway. I had picked it up and propped it against a tree on the lawn near the driveway so it didn’t get run over. After it had been there for three days the Post master asked me to get it off post office property. I then took it to store in my office with the others.

I told Jack to check when he got home to see if his daughter’s bike was missing. If it was he was welcome to it. The following week jack told me he looked in the garage when he got home and his daughter’s bike wasn’t there. He asked her where it was and she replied that she had loaned it to one of her friends. Jack told her to get it back and bring it home. He said he had bought that bike for her to use.

Three days later, the bike still wasn’t home and he asked his daughter again. She told him she couldn’t remember which one of her friends had borrowed it and none of them said they had seen it. Then he told her where it was and how it had gotten there.

Jack took the bike home and put it in his garage. Then he padlocked the back wheel so she couldn’t use it. He told her it was going to stay there for a couple of months to teach her a lesson, and that when he did let her use it again, it had better be home in the garage every night or else.

Yesterday I was having a semi-annual check up with my cardiologist. The nurse was preparing me for an EKG and she was telling me about her two sons. It seems that both boys like to spend a lot of time at the Boy’s Club where they play basketball and ping pong and work out on some of the exercise machines. She said she buys her boys hooded sweat shirts to wear and she puts their names inside the collar or neck with magic marker so they don’t get mixed up.

One of her boys was always having trouble finding his, or he came home saying he lost it somewhere. One day she went to the Boy’s Club. They have a lost and found there and on a hunch, she wanted to check with them. When she did, she retrieved twelve of her sons hooded sweat shirts. He had just forgot and left them there. When they found them, they put them in their lost and found.

Kids! You have to love them, but sometimes you just want to ring their neck!

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