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The Haney Four

Story ID:10696
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Calif. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Haney Four

The Haney Four

The Haney Four

Seventy years ago
In Korea, “Land of the morning calm”
Four soldiers met
They made an imaginary bond

John Brosious from Pennsylvania
Monte from the Kansas prairie
Frank Hughes from Montana
Ed Powers from out Hollywood way

Met for the first time
In the office of Supply
At the 29th Gen Hospital
We did everything together
Ed. John. Don and I

In Seoul at the XXIV Corps Theater
We would take in a show
If someone was late
He’d yell “Haney”, doncha know

We’d stand in the darkened theater
To greet the latecomer
Always saved a seat
For John, Ed, Don or Me

John from Pennsy-
Loved sports
Pitched to me
Later my hand was sore

Ed, Don and me
Would take long hikes with care
Out in the Korean countryside
And marvel at the history there

We visited those
Hundreds of years old Shrines
Miles from The city of Seoul
We were “awed” at our finds

Take a candy bar of two
Something on which to gnaw
In those lost valleys in the hills
And marveled at what we saw

Watch the Farmers plant rice
Row on row
While holding on to our nose
To keep the odor at bay, doncha know

The Barley in the plots
Was as tall as Dons chin
The ancient carved gravestones in the cemeteries
The thatched mud huts The Koreans lived in

Don, Ed and I were hiking
Out in the back
John was baseballing, basketballing
Out by the cinder track

The Haney’s are slowly “passing on”
First it was Hollywood Ed
Then Montana Don
Two of us are left-Monte and John

We had good times together
That can’t be taken away
We’ll all meet again
Some day

We know that
Ed and Don
Will hold a couple seats
For John and me

If you hear “Haney”
Yelled from afar
You’ll know from whence it came
It’s the call from four

Army buddies
Back from Korea are we
In that darkened XXIV Corps Theater
Edward. Don. John and me

Monte L. Manka 9-14-2015
Monte on the left, Ed Hollywood, Don Hughes Montana, John Brosious Pennsy