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Story ID:10700
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

In the past few days the news media has been full of stories about Muslim refugees pouring in to Europe at the rate of 10,000 per day or more. Some believe they are being refused entry in an inhumane way. Others believe we should be taking many of them to ease the burden. President Obama wants to take 10,000 this year and 185,000 next year.

Wait a minute. Hold on here! How about the hundreds of thousands we have already taken in. Since the problem began in Syria we have been taking Muslim refugees in at the rate of 75,000 a year. We have also been taking in so many Mexicans and South Americans from across the Mexican border that nobody knows how many we have taken in. We have so many that we have completely lost control over the situation.

I know that on the surface it looks like all these people coming in have suffered terribly and they need help. As a charitable nation we immediately feel for them and we want to help them. That is fine. It is who we are as a people. This time however, we need to stop and think it over first before we do anything.

First, we should be asking why now? Why all of a sudden? The civil war has been going on in Syria for several years. ISIS has been operating for a few years also. Even so, there have not been the huge horde of so called refugees who all insist on coming to Europe and the United States. That just began within the past two months. We should be asking ourselves why?

Letís take a look at these so called refugees. It has been reported by multiple media that there are 13% of them women, 16% children and 71% young able bodied men between the ages of 20 and 44. If that doesnít tell you something, it should. There are 71% of them men in fighting age and condition. You can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of them are ISIS, Al Quaida, Hezbollah, Hamas and so on. Legitimate refugees they are not.

Ask ourselves why, since they speak the language, share the culture and share the religion, they do not go to a middle eastern country for refuge. Egypt and Saudi Arabia for example, have taken none. Neither I believe has Kuwait. We should be asking ourselves why? They chant in the streets that they want to kill us. Why now do they suddenly want to come here as refugees? When the twin towers came down and the Pentagon got hit, they were dancing in the streets and celebrating. Now all of a sudden they want us to take them in? It just donít smell right to me.

Consider what happens when they get here. They are given food stamps, welfare, Medicaid and a green card too most likely. How are we supposed to pay for that? We are almost 19 trillion dollars in debt. We donít have any money. We are borrowing a million dollars every day to pay our bills. Now we want to import a few million people we know nothing about and have no jobs for, over the next few years? How in the world will we ever pay for it?

The United States has always been the saviors of the world. We have always been the ones to shoulder most of the burden. We did it for WWI. WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Haiti and a host of other wars and disasters. When the question was asked, why us, the answer was always because we are the only ones in the world who can afford it. Well, now we are broke and we have millions of people who are out of work. The administration posts unemployment figures at a little over 5%. We all know that is bogus. Those are just the ones drawing unemployment. The true figure is probably closer to 20%. Nobody knows for sure. The economy is not exactly booming. The U.N. keeps asking us. Have they asked China or Russia? Somehow I doubt it, and if they did, Iím sure the answer was No!

We too should say no. We should say, not this time!. No, no, no, no! By the way, the Pope is coming for a visit. How many has the Vatican agreed to take? Iím sure the Pope will tell us that we should. Why not the Vatican? He is in Cuba right now. Has he or anyone asked Cuba to take any? Not very likely.

I think if we take in any of these refugees, and I mean any, we are fools. We will be importing, feeding, housing and otherwise supporting Jihadists who are coming here to kill as many of us as is possible. Does that make good sense? I think not.

Who is kidding who in this deal? Also bear in mind that these people are not all from Syria. They are from all over the middle east. A large portion of them will be jihadists masquerading as refugees. We should not let in any of them!

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