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Story ID:10703
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City All States USA
Person:Dr. Ben Carson
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By Fred Wickert

A reporter asked Dr. Ben Carson a question that had no business being asked. It had to do with his being a candidate for President. It asked for how he felt about a Moslem being elected President. There is no Moslem who is running for President, so the question is irrelevant. It was a “Gotcha” type of question and no matter what his answer, it probably was going to be rejected by one faction or another. He honestly answered that he would be uncomfortable with a Moslem being President. Now controversy is abundant, which the reporter wanted.

The question should not have been asked in the first place. It was an unfair question because it was not relevant to anything. That of course, never deters a member of the Liberal media.

In fairness to Dr. Carson, I think a few things should be considered. This nation is under attack by Moslems. There are many who are quick to point out that it isn’t all Moslems but just the extremists. Just how are we supposed to know which are which? Furthermore, the nation has many Moslems living here. We have been under attack by Moslem extremists ever since the World Trade Center. Actually it is long before that. I remind the reader of the USS Cole and the more than 300 U.S. Marines killed in the attack on Kobar Towers, a U.S. Marine Barracks. Throw in a few American Embassy’s along the way.

During all these years, when was the last time you heard of Moslems coming out against these attacks? When was the last time Moslems demonstrated in the streets and carrying American flags in support of America? To my knowledge there have not been any. One or two Moslems have been on Hannity and there is a Moslem woman who speaks all over the country against the Moslem war against us. She also has had her life threatened numerous times by Moslems for daring to do so.

Some have pointed out as Senator Lindsey Graham did today that there are a large number of Moslems serving in our military. That is true. It is also true it was a Moslem soldier who threw grenades in to an officer tent one night in Kuwait. It was a Moslem Major who fired on unarmed soldiers at Fort Bragg. He killed more than 20 and wounded more than 30 if memory serves me right.

I have to side with Dr. Carson. I acknowledge that the Constitution forbids religion to be a factor in eligibility for President. Even so, is it wise to make a Moslem Commander in Chief while at war with Moslems? I think not! I agree with Dr. Carson on that. Forget about political correctness. Hell no, I would not be comfortable with a Moslem for President right now.

As for the guy who asked Trump about Obama being a Moslem and Trump ignored it, let me say that there is an old adage that goes like this:
“If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.” Obama talks like a Moslem. He behaves like a Moslem. He quotes from the Quran far more than he ever quotes from the Bible, he makes decisions favorable all the time to the Moslems and he leads the attack on Christians and Christianity in this country. He excuses Moslem atrocities by reminding us of atrocities committed in the Crusades by Christians. I know he says he is a Christian and I know he attended the church of Rev. Wright for 20 years. The trouble is if you watch what he does rather than listen to what he says, you will conclude that he must be a Moslem. He certainly favors them over Christians consistently.

Therefore, maybe we already do have a Moslem as Commander in Chief. Look at how badly he has messed up this country and messed up our position in the Middle East. Look how badly he has handled Russia, China and North Korea.

In defense of Dr. Carson I have to say he was right in his discomfort to have a Moslem President right now. On the other hand, what difference does it make? We have no Moslem running for President any way. Meanwhile we have a Moslem group spokesperson calling for Dr. Carson to withdraw from the race saying he is unfit to be President. I for one believe he made good sense and I agree with him. I think I am not alone. I think Dr. Carson will make a very good President if he is elected.

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