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Worthy of Praise

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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After reading HSUS Wayne Pacelle’s blog on praising Whole Foods for their including
a variety of plant- based foods in their stores, I couldn’t help but think of others who
deserved praise as well. Of course, there are many good people deserving of praise,
but here I am only mentioning those who came to mind this week and who showed
compassion to suffering animals. Realizing that there is much human suffering as
well, I thank God that there are people like BILL AND MALINDA GATES who are using
their wealth to help the poor people of Africa, and they too, of course, deserve praise.

We who care about animals often read posts re our cruelty to them, and certainly
this is the case re the CAFOs (Confined Animal Farm Operations) which someone so
rightly called “A stain on humanity.” Acknowledging this cruelty has produced people
of compassion who work to expose the suffering of animals in them with the hope that
one day improvements will be made. Could we even dare hope that these places of
torture will even be eventually dismantled -allowing the animals to return again to
enjoying fresh air and some semblance of freedom? At least this is my daily prayer.
There is no excuse for billions of farm animals suffering each year to satisfy our meat
lust. Writers and humane animal organizations who work for their emancipation are
indeed worthy of praise.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t help remembering ASTRID LINDGREN of Sweden when
looking to write of people deserving praise, but such was the case today. She is not
only known for writing about the lovable escapades of Pippi Longstocking but for her
concern for factory farm animals in Sweden as well. I absolutely loved reading her
brief account in this regard- probably written sometime in the 70’s. In her story, she
decided to invite God to check in on Sweden’s stewardship of animals. For her, the pig
slaughterhouse would be the proper setting to expose man’s cruelty to pigs in this
case. She wanted Him to see how they were slaughtered from the stunning process to
the depositing of their bodies into a steaming hot vat. One little pig was improperly
stunned and landed in the vat with the other dead pigs. He frantically squealed and
swam in circles trying to get out. Needless to say, she had God explode with anger
saying something like –what kind of blockheads treat my animals in this cruel fashion?

Though some people may not be impressed by this simple story, I was. A favorite Saturday
breakfast at the time for a friend of mine and Peaches, my dog had been bacon and eggs.
Well, after reading Lindgren’s account -the bacon had to go, and it was only a matter of
time and I became vegan, so the eggs disappeared as well. Yes, I believe that Astrid
Lindgren is worthy of praise. She died in 2006.

WHOLE FOODS. And some corporations are worthy of praise as well. Yesterday, in Wayne
Pacelle’s Blog, was the title “Whole Foods Deserves Whole Praise for Anti-Factory Farming

Per Pacelle there can be no question but that Whole Foods Market has been the leader
on animal welfare among all the major supermarket companies. They early on made
vegetarian and vegan food readily available to anyone who wanted this plant-based fare.
Start-ups like Gardein, Hampton Creek, and Beyond Meat readily received shelf space
at Whole Foods.

They also chose to not sell foie gras or live lobsters because of animal welfare concerns.
Re foie gras, I remembered reading that Pres. Obama and his family partook of this cruel
fare on their visit to France. Needless to say, I was much disappointed in their lack of

As for lobsters, I remember that I missed my first invitation to a lobster dinner probably
sometimes in the 60’s. I don’t remember the reason for this- but since then I have felt
specially blessed because I think boiling a live lobster is very cruel. One chef recommends
piercing the head first. Of course, that doesn’t sound too pleasant either, though perhaps,
it might be the lesser of two evils. However, I prefer letting the lobster stay in the ocean
where he belongs.

They also would not sell caged hens eggs or pork or veal from crated animals.

This past week I was much impressed by learning of two young people offering a dollar to
people in Cleveland who would watch their graphic slaughterhouse videos. I am very proud
of both of them and especially of the young woman who grew up in Chesterland, Ohio. She
was a graduate of West Geauga High School and John Carroll University.

Interviewed by the media –JILLIAN LOWRY, 26, said she came from a very steak and potatoes
kind of family. She remembered as a kid that there was broccoli and steak on her plate, and
she knew where the broccoli came from because they had a garden. But she didn’t know where
the steak came from. So she asked her parents. They gave each other ‘the look.’ Then they
said, “It comes from a cow,” To this she replied - “Why would we do that to a cow? We don’t
do that to our dog.”

Today Lowry and her partner who goes by the name of RADISH visit college towns and music
festivals around the the county in a FARM ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT truck with video screens.
The hard-to-watch hidden camera reveals images of cows, chickens and pigs being slaughered .
They maintain that if we eat meat- then it is only right to know about how they are slaughtered.

FARM reports that the video has been seen by 300,000 people visiting the truck on what is called
its “10 Billion Lives Tour.” The astronomical number refers to the number of farm animals processed
each year in the U.S.

One viewer reported after seeing the video: “My stomach’s like, upset. I thought it was happy like,
You’re old now, let’s stick you with a needle. I didn’t know animals went through all that just so I
could have food on my plate.” As they say –ignorance is bliss, but there is simply no excuse for
us to be ignorant, and thank God for groups like FARM and people like Lowry and Radish. They
too are indeed worthy of praise.

Both these young people deserve my profound admiration for their courage and efforts. Commenting
favorably on them on the PD’s internet site, I fully expect to see some unkind remarks there. This
shows me just how unfeeling some people can be. On another level, I am ashamed to
admit- that despite my great concern for animal suffering, I don’t even have an ounce of their

Soon Transfiguration Church is going to have its yearly pork chop dinner benefit. I wish that I
would do something to show my unhappiness with this meal of suffering. I should be printing
out flyers telling of the cruelty involved in the raising and slaughtering of pigs, but sadly I don’t
have their courage. However, for whatever it is worth –when the parish sent out raffle tickets
for this event, I responded by writing the pastor that I can in no way support this dinner, and I
included some material re the cruelty of pig Cafos.

Thank you God for all the people who are worthy of praise. There are many, many more I could
mention, but of course, no one post could do justice to this enterprise.