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Hey Bud !

Story ID:10717
Written by:Mike Mercer (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Jocotepec Jalisco Mexico
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.
Hey Bud !
by: Mike Mercer
Unbolted the casita garage door and swung it wide. Unlocked my jimmy truck door and climbed behind the wheel. Just as the key in the ignition started to turn the engine over I heard, "hey Bud," ever so quietly, yet not unexpected. The truck came to life as the engine fired into a soothing pace as I shifted into reverse and rolled into the street. I left the truck in the street as I retreated to close the garage door. Back in the truck while shifting from park to drive I heard;
“Hey Bud, you shoulda’ washed that dusty windshield fore you headed out this mornin’.”
“I see your bossin‘ again. I’ll take the back road to Jocotepec so the sun’ll not be in your eye.”
“Hey Bud, when you hit that new fangled light, don’t pull out when she turns green.”
“I say your bossy this mornin’.”
“Naw, jest safe.”
“God Damn you see the cycle run my green light? Musta’ be doin’ eighty kilometers an hour. Kids just don’t give a damn anymore.”
“Hey Bud, I saved your ass one more time.”
“ How the hell you know all this stuff?”
“Bud, I been here, done that afore. By the way where we headin’?”
“ Writers group, you know first and third Fridays over in Ajijic. You know I love those that tell lies and I love to tellum'.”
“Hey Bud, I guess when it comes down to it their ain’t much truth anymore. See the horse up there on the left. He’s not tethered, better git slow.”
“Oh my God, Jose is late again and he’s comin’ up my tail pipe. Shit he’s comin’ round and the horse is on the move. Look at the blue smoke Jose’s tires are layin’ down and the horse just went cabio’. How the hell did you know all this was going to happen?”
“Bud, been here done that afore, will do it again one day.”
“ Be back in a minute gotta check out the situation.” I see Jose is Ok and on his cell phone summoning spirits or help. The horse is dead, dead. Both are off the road and traffic is already proceeding. I suppose the horse is considered wild as I doubt anyone will claim the poor creature.
I slide back into the truck and ask, “How come you never get outa this truck?”
“ Hey Bud, I been all them other places, I feel comfortable here and you believe.”
“I believe in what?” I ask as I pull back onto the road.
“Hey Bud, you believe in me, vaquero Jesus and your Dad.”
“ How do you know all that and what makes you think I believe in you?”
“Hey Bud, I hear you talkin’ just under the brim of your hat.”
“ What, the hell is it I say?”
“Bud, you say “what goes around comes around.” An’ you say, "make it even, even if it’s not what I need.” An’ you listen’ between the voices.
“What voices?”
“ Your dad and that stepsister whispering back from beyond the stars. You believe.”
“I believe in what?”
“Hey Bud, you believe it matters to you that you do the right thing.”
“ Maybe I do but I’ve sure had a lot of wrecks.”
“Bud, that’s one reason I like your old truck. It’s about had all its wrecks and you believe in this truck.”
“ Your loco, hell when am I going to see moren’ your reflection in the windshield or a flash in the corner of my eye?”
“ Probably never, Unless Jesus and your Dad see what goes around, comes around and they make it even. Someday you’ll have to go helpum’. Maybe you’ll see me then. See that bus ahead just entering San Juan? When it stops don’t pass just pull up along side it and stop. A youngin’ is going to run out front of it.”
“ I see her and here comes mama. She is a little upset but safe. Can we proceed now?”
“ Thanks for helpin’ me by that one. I’d never get over it.”
“Bud, Me neither, but I knew you believed.”
“I’M gonna' park in front of Toms Bar its a wider street than the Lake Chapala Society street. Those that park down there are askin’ for a rub or a scrape.”
“Hey Bud, It will be hot but I’ll be safe. Say tellum‘ that lie about if you died today it would be OK.”
“ You know you can be a jerk sometimes. I think I’ll not even leave a window cracked. That will keep you bottled up in hell.”