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Story ID:10718
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

It is on the news tonight that a high School somewhere has a conflict going on over prayer. It seems there are a large number of kids in the school that want to pray. An atheist student is saying, “No! You cannot do that because it will offend me. I don’t believe in religion and I don’t believe in prayer. I don’t want it to happen.” The school administration has polled each student in the school individually and asked them if they will be offended if the students pray at school. There are several students in the school who are atheists. Each one of them said they will not be offended and do not object, except one. Because that one student does not want it the school authorities have ruled that they cannot do it.

To begin with, what ever happened to, MAJORITY RULES? It is a democratic society in which the majority is supposed to rule is it not? Apparently not. Allegedly the Constitution says it can’t be done. There is a thing they call “Separation of church and state.’ That is false propaganda that the political left want us to believe, but it is false. The Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law establishing any official religion.”

The Constitution also says, ”The right to practice one’s religion shall not be infringed,” I ask you, in the case of this school, is not the right of every student who wants to pray being infringed upon to appease this one single atheist student? I wish to point out that this action is not justice! This is taking away the Constitutional rights of all the other students to favor the one student in the name not of justice, but rather, in the name of political correctness.

Why is such foolishness allowed to stand? When we recite the pledge of allegiance the last portion of it says, “With liberty and justice for all.” It seems to me all of the student body is being deprived of their liberty and of their justice.

It is my understanding that the Supreme Court ruling on the subject that has taken prayer out of our schools and nearly everywhere else merely indicated that the school itself and the employees of the school could not read a prayer to the students, could not require prayer of the students and could not lead the students in prayer. It is my understanding that the Supreme Court ruling does not prohibit the kids from praying on their own if they wished.

The politically correct left wing in this country has scared the daylites out of school administrations across the country in to banning all prayer because they fear litigation. Somebody is sure to file a law suit. They do not want to defend against it because it is costly and because many liberal judges will wrongly find against them in such a law suit.

It is my understanding that the student body as a whole, intend to defy the atheist who is objecting and defy the school administration. They are going to pray anyway.

I applaud the decision of the students to do it anyway. I also hope and pray that our entire population of this country will follow their lead. We should all stand up for our beliefs and for what we know is right. When authorities are trying to deny our Constitutional rights, we should as a body, defy them and do what is right, what is just, and what our fore fathers declared to be our God given rights. Any rights given us by God, no man or governmental entity has any right or any authority to take away.

This country for a long time now has been going downhill. We have been losing our freedoms and our liberties at an alarming rate. It is also being done against our will, for things we vote for, The courts or the politicians or both, take away from us and reverse the decision of the people. This country derived its greatness because we were governed by the people, for the people and of the people. That has been taken away from us without our consent. Even more than that, we were a God fearing and God loving nation. We prayed in school and we prayed in public. It is time we got it back. God has not forgotten the USA. The USA has forgotten him.

How do we do this? We join together and fight back. As a group, we defy them. It is called civil disobedience. Violence is neither used nor required. Just as a body, we need to defy it.

Today’s news also carried a story that thousands of federal criminal prisoners are being released due to overcrowded prisons. We are assured these are non-violent criminals. If there are 20,000 fans at a football game and suddenly in unison, the fans all begin to pray, how will the government stop them? They can’t. If an entire student body decides to pray at the beginning of the assembly, what are they going to do about it? If 200 students in a college class suddenly decide to pray, even if the professor objects, what are they going to do about it? I believe they will do nothing. There really isn’t much they can do.

As a nation we need to get back to God and back to prayer. I urge everyone to demand it of our representatives in the House and in the Senate. We need to get over our fear of political correctness and we need to begin to stand up for what is right. We complain because our elected reps don’t fight. Maybe we need to let them know we will back them up if they do. We need to pray and pray and pray some more. Then we need to stand up and fight for right. Let’s put prayer back in schools and public places where it belongs. Who knows? Maybe if we are enthusiastic about it, the atheists will join us!

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