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Story ID:10721
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
Person:All of us
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By Fred Wickert

Today it was announced on the news that there is a new research report. Yes, again. This time it is about eggs, milk and butter. For years we have been told we must not eat eggs and that only the egg whites are okay. The newest and latest is that eggs are good for you and you can eat the entire egg and eat as many as you like.

The report went on to say that new research shows skim milk is harmful for you, but whole milk is good for you and a healthy beverage choice. How many years have we been hounded to drink only 1% milk? If you really must and you are not at risk otherwise, then 2% might be okay, but whatever you do, do not drink whole milk. It could kill you in a hurry. Avoid it at all costs. Now today, it is all reversed. Now, you must drink only whole milk. It is very healthy and good for you. Whatever you do, do not go near skim milk or 1% milk or surely you will die.

For many years we have been told never to eat butter. Eat margarine instead because it is made from vegetable oil and everybody knows that veggies are good for you. Therefore you must always use margarine and never ever eat butter or you will have a stroke or heart attack almost immediately, or so it has been implied.

Now the new research says eat all the butter you want. Butter is healthy. Margarine is bad for you. Margarine stays in a lump in your intestines and never digests. It will kill you. Eat butter for sure. It is by far, more healthy.

Not so long ago they were telling us to never drink coffee and if you absolutely had to drink coffee then at all costs, you must only drink decaffeinated coffee. Now on Sunday doctor programs they are advocating four cups of coffee every day is very good for you and they highly recommend it.

Over the years one study after another has come out, first banning something, only to have another study ten to twenty years later saying you should use what was banned before.

My grandmother never had to put up with all that stuff. She didnít have TV and her hearing wasnít so hot so she didnít listen to the radio. She read Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping. If they reported on any studies saying something was bad for you she never mentioned it. She was raised as a very strict and straight laced Methodist and to her, alcoholic beverages, dancing and playing cards were sins. Dresses more than six inches above the ankles were severely frowned upon and she didnít think much of women wearing pants or high heeled shoes, but by golly, she ate whatever she pleased. She seldom drank milk. Her drink of choice was tea. She ate lots of eggs and butter but as far as I know she never ate margarine.

My grandmother was still working for a living well in to her eighties. In her late nineties she insisted on taking our Collie dog for a walk three times a day no matter what the weather. She thought the walk and fresh air was good for her. She occasionally caught a cold but aside from that never seemed to get sick. In her early nineties her doctor thought she should have a colonoscopy. They found and removed a few polyps. They were benign and she never had any more of them. No matter what, she always ate whatever she wanted. She finally died ten days before her 101st birth day. Three months before she died she lost control of her bladder and they said she had hardening of the arteries. During her life she was far more healthy than we are today.

I think my Grandmother was a good example why they should leave us alone. Let us do what we want and eat what we want. Whatever they say is bad for us now they will say is good for us next year. Avoid a steady diet of the obvious stuff that is not good for you like pizza and ice cream and donuts for example, or too much soda. Just donít tell us we canít or tell us how much. Leave us alone. Let us do what we want. Our own bodies and our own tastes will tell us what to eat or not to eat. Let Mother Nature be in charge like God intended in the first place.


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Photo of my grandmothers either 99th or 100th birthday party. Grandma is the one in the middle of the three ladies on the left of the photo.