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Enjoy The Best of What You Have

Story ID:10722
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Over Idaho USA
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I grew up in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia. My brothers and I knew poor.
Our family had very little. I dont remember the bad. I remember the summers fishing
in the lakes or in the ocean from the local wharves.

I remember walks in the woods with my Mum looking for Mayflowers and hot
summer days spent swimming at the local swimming hole with friends.

At twenty, I moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It was lonely there. I
remember being homesick. It was my first time living away from home.

After several months, I moved back home. There was the mother I missed, but
everything else seemed different. I thought it was my friends, but it was me. Id changed.
Id grown up from my experiences.

A few months later, I had to move for work again. This time I moved to Sydney,
Nova Scotia. It is a coal mining and steel mill city. When the wind blew from the mill,
the air made you dream of better places.

A year later, I was back home, where I met my first wife, married and lived
on the ocean again.

My life kept changing, but I survived.
Years later, I found myself in Saint John, New Brunswick. It was a huge change
my family. We all thought wed live happily ever after in Nova Scotia, but God had
other plans.

We moved to Saint John, New Brunswick, where the air was thick with the smog
from the largest oil refinery in Canada, ship building, a pulp and paper mill, and lets
throw in a sugar refinery too. In the summer, when the fog rolled in, all that pollution
was trapped over the city. It was not pretty.

We moved to Ohio. That wasnt too bad. We did have bad air on cold days in the
winter, when inversions trapped the exhaust from the highway traffic and high humidity
in the summer.

Next stop, New Jersey: air pollution, traffic and crime.

We moved from there to Idaho.

Idaho, with its mountains, clean rivers, canyons and gorges is incredible, but I
miss the other places: the concrete canyons of Manhattan, the smell of the mills, the steel
and all the bad things. Each place had treasures to explore and people I met and loved.

It's not the place you live; it is how you enjoy the best of what you have.

Michael T. Smith