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Story ID:10725
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
Person:High School Boy
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By Fred Wickert

A young Muslim High School student takes an electric clock works to school. He claims he wants to show his teacher how smart he is and tells the teacher he created it all by himself.

The teacher thinks it looks like pictures she has seen of bomb devices. The teacher is not sure so calls in the school administrator who suspends the kid from school.

The boy is a Muslim. His father is offended and claims racism because they are Muslims. The media picks it up and makes a big fuss over it. Overnight the boy is famous all over the country because he is getting national media attention. He is suddenly being invited to appear on talk shows. The President invites him as a special guest to the White House and praises him for his inventive genius. Meanwhile his father is still trying to stir up trouble over his sons alleged racial discrimination. He claims the school would not have suspected it to be a bomb if he were not Muslim.

Cooler heads begin to do a little checking. They find that the father who is supposed to be some sort of promoter of Muslim good will in the USA on Facebook or Twitter or some other social website, is not really what he pretends to be. That is a posting in English. He has it turns out, another posting blog or whatever it is, in Arabic in which he is not so supportive of Muslims getting along with Americans. Far from it. In his Arabic postings he is promoting nothing but trouble.

Electronic experts have taken a close look at pictures of the so called clock invention the boy took to school. It is merely an electric clock that has been removed from its plastic case. He never put it together himself and he never invented it himself. These electronics guys can easily identify the exact brand and model of the clock that it is. The boy is a total and complete fraud.

These facts are still being ignored by the left wing media and are also being ignored by the President. The fat6her in alleged righteous indignation has removed the boy from school and his declared that he will be home schooled from now on.

President Obama has egg all over his face on this, but he ignores it and continues to build up the boy. It is highly unlikely the boy would have received so much attention from the President had he not been a Muslim. There is no evidence to support this. It is merely my opinion. Well, maybe a little bit of evidence because you see the President wears a ring on which is engraved the words, There is no God but Allah! Of course I realize it is embarrassing if the President were to acknowledge he has been had.

In all the fuss about it there is something that comes to my mind that I have not heard anyone else mention. I wonder if anyone else but me has thought of it. Suppose, just suppose this were a plot by the father of the boy. Suppose it was a dry run to see just what would happen if a boy, especially a Muslim boy were to take such a device to school? Suppose it as a test to see just how far he could go with it and how much attention it could bring? Just suppose there was a plan to bring other such devices in to a school full of children, with a bomb attached to it?

If such devices had been successfully brought to school before and nobody paid any attention, how easy it could be to bring in one with a bomb attached, set the clock timer and then leave the building, leaving the device behind? No one notices, the kid that brings it is long gone and nobody knows who it was. Meanwhile a bomb has gone off in the school killing a large number of kids and faculty and causing a large amount of damage to the school itself.

Has anyone else thought of this? If so, I have heard nothing about it. The government should have thought of it and they had better be looking in to it and they had better be establishing some rules and procedures in regards to it. If they dont, one of these days there will be an explosion at one or more of our American schools. No Muslims will be among the casualties because they will have left the building in time, or they will be at home, being home schooled.

Some will suggest that I am paranoid and that such an idea is completely ridiculous. That may be so, but if I had a child in school, I would be asking some serious questions of local law enforcement and of school officials. I also might be keeping my child home and give the child home schooling. This kind of danger did not exist when I was a child, but sadly, it does exist now!

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