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Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
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By Fred Wickert

When I was 12 years old I got Polio. They didnít know much about it back then. Both my legs were paralyzed. After a couple of weeks they began to move a little and as the summer wore on, I was getting better and better.

The doctor said I could never play football again and I was devastated because in those days I just lived for football. I played it every chance I could. It was late August and I was unable to navigate on my own. The doctor said I would probably walk with the aid of leg braces, but I would never run again. He told me my football days were over.

I rejected that I could never play football again. I refused to accept that. I was told that was life and that I should accept it. I wasnít having any of it. In mid -November that year I got my nose broken while playing football. The doctor was wrong.

Nearly seven years ago a friend of mine, a former high school class mate and good friend, was told by his doctor that he will be dead in four years or less. He had some rare fiber disease in which the lungs were filled up with these fibers and when there was not enough function remaining in the lungs, the brain could not have sufficient oxygen and death would be the result.

My friend now lives in Florida. Last year he completed a marathon for senior citizens. He and his younger brother came for a visit a couple of months ago. He had no symptoms visible and seemed to be the picture of good health. Instead of looking like a man in his eighties, he looked about fifty five. The fibers seem to have stopped growing and have remained the same for almost seven years now. The doctor was wrong.

My wife suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and left my driveway in the back of an ambulance at 8:00 P.M. one night. She was taken to one hospital and they could not handle it so she was sent to another hospital. At 1:00 A.M. the doctor said he was doing the best he could. At 4:00 A.M. he told me I should call family members and tell them if they wanted to see her they needed to come right away as she will not live beyond noon.

In the morning she was moved from the emergency room to intensive care. In two weeks she was moved to a nursing home. She lived two months shy of three more years after the doctor said she would not live beyond noon. The doctor was wrong.

Today they were talking on the news about some WWII vets who had gone to Japan and visited a place where they were held prisoner after they were captured by the Japanese.

One of the vets on the trip was told by a doctor after he recuperated following his release after the war ended that he would not live beyond the age of forty. That was due to the toll of being in the Japanese concentration camp. He weighed around 175 pounds when he was captured. When the war ended he weighed only 60 pounds.

That vet today is 96 years old. It has been 70 years since the war with Japan ended. The doctor said he would not live 40 years but he is now 96. The doctor was wrong.

When you get bad news from a doctor like that, just remember the one who determines when you die is The Lord God Jehovah. He and he alone, giveís us life and he takes it away when it is time. Only he knows when that is going to be.

When the doctor tells you something like that, just remember the doctor is going by what he knows as a doctor. Like any other, medicine is not a perfect science. Sometimes the doctor is just plain wrong.

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