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Mom and the Moonglo

Story ID:10733
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family Memories
Location:Fresmp CA USA
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Mom and the Moonglo
By Chuck Dishno

Summer- 1965
Summers in Fresno, where I lived, are unusually hot with the daytime temperature sometimes reaching 110 degrees. The good thing was there was not much humidity and the evenings usually cooled off but unless you had a swimming pool it was still too hot to sit around.

One of the popular pastimes was to attend one of the 5 drive-in movies. The price was reasonable since there were so many and they were always in competition with each other. That plus the fact that they always ran the latest movies and usually a double bill, made for an in expensive evening entertainment.

One evening, my wife and I along with our two children, Lura and Mike, age six and three, decided to go the Moonglo Drive-in. My Mom had been a widow for six years and lived in an apartment not too far from our house. Mom was also out baby sitter. It was only natural to invite Mom to go along with us as she suffered from the heat as much as we did. Mom readily agreed and volunteered to make a large batch of popcorn and we supplied the drinks. I took Mom back to her apartment telling her I would pick her up about 7pm.

The only car we had that would accommodate the 5 of us was my 1954 Plymouth that my Pop and I bought together and I inherited when he passed away in 1959. Mom had no need for a car as she had never driven one.

It was about dusk when we approached the drive-in. Mom, Lura and Mike were sitting in the backseat. I was about to the ticket booth when Mom asked me how much it cost to get in. I told her it was $1.00 and she said that was too much and if I would stop a minute she would hide on the floorboard. Before I could tell her that the price was only $1.00 per car load, Mom flipped around and the next thing I knew she was on her hands and knees on the floor with a blanket over her back. Lura was still sitting on the seat but she had Mike on his knees on her back. It was so hilarious I decided to let her go along with the game.

After I had driven in and parked, I told Mom the coast was clear and it was OK for her to get up. I could see her in the rear view mirror as she slowly peeked out and looked around. She looked like a prairie dog coming up from his hole. Mom had a big grin on her face, thinking she had just pulled off the sneak of the month.

I let Mom bask in her glory for a few minutes then said, “Mom, do you realize you are guilty of stealing from these people?” Mom tried to justify her action by saying, “Oh, Charles, it wasn’t a very big theft, only one dollar.” I then said, “I realize it was small and will not be missed but I have just one question. I know your small transgression will soon be forgotten but when your time comes and you approaching the Pearly Gates and St. Peter is reading from your “Book of Life” and he brings up this incident, what are you going to say?” Mon thought about it for a few seconds then replied, “Oh, Charles, that’s a long way off and I will think of something by then.”

I couldn’t let this ruse go on any longer so I told Mom that she didn’t really steal anything since the admission was only a dollar a car load. Mom thought this was funny and how I had pulled a good one on her. Mom then said, “All this has made me hungry please pass the popcorn and a large Pepsi.”

Mom was right about being a long way off and she lived another 28 years. I am sure though that when her turn came to pass thru those Pearly Gates and she sees St. Peter thumbing thru her “Book of Life” she will be a bit apprehensive.