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Death of a Dairy Cow

Story ID:10746
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- various usa
Person:Bernie Jones
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A question Ė Can we experience what it must be like to die? Maybe- if we
work in the medical profession. Maybe- if we minister to the dying as a priest
or minister. Maybe if we work in hospice. But I think the idea of death is
basically illusive for most of us. At least we donít spend a lot of time thinking
about our own death. After all, we see plenty of violence and death on TV.

But what about the death of an animal? Perhaps those of us who are blessed
with the love of a companion animal think about it when we find they have a
serious illness. Then of course, that is a painful reality we all have to face.

But how many of us give any thought to the death of farm animals? I think ethical
vegans and vegetarians do, but for the rest of us-no. We only think of the meat we
are hungering for. Today on All-Creatures. org -Bernie Jones thought about this topic
and wrote a poem called ďDeath of a Dairy Cow.Ē Painful to read, at least for me,
I believe it is an accurate depiction and portrayal of the life and death of a dairy cow:

My time to die is close now
Though I am too tired to fight
I see many others around me
Struggling with all their might

My bones, my skin, my innards ache
Worn out before my years
Soon to die, and I am glad
My fatigue outweighs my fears

Many offspring I have bore
Though I have reared none
I have grieved for each of my offspring,
Never known where they have gone

My life is to be extinguished
Though I am heavily with calf
I want to die, though fear for the pain
To be inflicted on this unborn life

The pain and terror of my slaughter
Will be less to bear than was my life
But I feel terror for my little one
To know nothing save the slaughter manís knife

Iím offloaded with the others
Herded and beaten to the killing floor
White eyes of terror all around me,
When my life will be extinguished, I am not sure......

Iím next...Iím restrained....I shit myself
A bolt is held to my head
A second and it will all be over...
I welcome being dead
Please let my babyís death be quick.....

Bernie Jones