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My Thanksgiving Reflections

Story ID:10771
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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I am so glad that I believe each Thanksgiving finds some new vegetarians and
vegans. Needless to say, I am most grateful that I have been one for years, and
it was all thanks to Peaches, my first puppy. I often wonder why other people
are not moved to compassion for all animals as I after experiencing the love of a
very special dog.

Many people will write today that they are grateful for family and friends, and of
course – so am I. First and foremost I am grateful for my caring and loving sister
Anna who has been my best friend and tireless helper in needs great and small.
Too many to enumerate here but I am so grateful that I recently wrote a loving tribute
to her which I shared with her and her family. We seem to save saying nice things
about loved ones for their funerals. No, I got a chance to say loving things about
her now in my little tribute- complete with some special photos. I am grateful to God
for this inspiration. You may want to do the same for those you love and cherish.

Now for friends who at my age I certainly need now. Thank you God for Mohammed
for taking me for eye exams and to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel on Thursdays. All
of a sudden I have started to hate driving. Thank you Allen, for helping me with all the
many odd jobs owning a small home entails. You too are a gift from God. And so is
Sorin when it comes to my computer problems. I am a bonified klutz with computers.
And finally there is Michael who drives me to another church on Fridays because it is
the parish priest’s day off. Shopping or banking needs follow. God bless all of you for
your kindness.

I also hope that many of us are grateful for believing in a kind and loving God. Yes, I
know that sometimes this is hard because we want to know why there is so much
cruelty and suffering in the world and there are no good answers. But I still believe
and pray – thanks to my Slovak mom who had me and my two sisters kneel each night
before bedtime when she taught us the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be in Old Slavonic.
Sometimes I try to say them today in this old church language but can only make it half
way through –though of course, I say them every day in English when praying the rosary.
Thank you Mom for instilling in us a love of God and His Mother.

Thank you God for any compassionate moves for animals. The Humane Society of
the US has kept us appraised of some big food corporations moving in the direction
of getting chickens out of cages and pigs out of gestation crates. Both have been
shamefully used by Big Ag for years and this has translated into torture for these
poor innocent farm animals.

Thank you God that finally the cruel elephant shows are going to be phased out
from the Ringling Brothers Circus by 2018. Why not 20l6? Animal exploiters always
seem to try to get the last ounce of exploitation they can out of the animals they hold
captive. These poor elephants have suffered enough already and they should be ready
to cast off their cruel circus memories and start enjoying doing things which make them

The last thank you I found in a Rainforest Alliance post this morning. Yes, we sometimes
take the trees and forests for granted. Here they gave 4 reasons why we whould be grateful
for trees:
1. Thank you forests for providing homes for billions of animals. 70% of the world’s species
live in forests.
2. Thank you forests for helping us to breathe. Forests absorb nearly 40% of man made
fossil fuel emissions every year.
3. Thank you forests for fostering livelihood for 1.1 million farms in rainforest regions which
use our methods designed to protect ecosystems, workers, and local communities.
4. Thank you forests for giving us our favorite foods. The rainforests produce beloved
staples of our holiday meals including chocolates, cinnamon, and coffee.

Well, the reasons for being thankful our limitless, and I am sure we will find many more of
them in the different blogs appearing on Thanksgiving Day. It is good to know -that despite
so much suffering and cruelty in this world that we can still also find much that is good and
be grateful to God for them.