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The Unselfish Rule at Christmas

Story ID:10794
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Writers Conference:My Favorite Holiday Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
Person:The unselfish Kids
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The Unselfish Rule at Christmas

The Unselfish Rule at Christmas

I wrote two stories this week, based on the Christmas Season this year.
This is my second one.

The Unselfish Rule at Christmas

Iím not the best looking Santa, but the kids didnít care. They were wrapped up for the
cold air and wrapped in the magic of the Christmas season.

It was my second year of playing Santa Clause at our apartment complex. The year
before, I was nervous. I didnít know what to expect. This year I did.

The year before was slow at first, then all the kids and parents showed up at once.
It was overwhelming. This year, it was a nice steady flow of kids.

There were moments Iíll never forget.
One little girl sat on my lap and told me what she wanted for Christmas. Later she
returned. She stood in front of me, looked up with big brown eyes and said, "Santa, I forgot to
give you a hug."

I reached down, picked her up and said, ďWell, Santa would love a hug.Ē She wrapped
little arms around my neck and squeezed. Santaís heart melted.

One little girl, I guess two or three years old, after telling Santa her wishes, kept
waving at Santa. Sheíd peek around a corner, look at Santa and wave. Later, she started blowing Santa
kisses. So sweet!

Another little girl who came back and asked Santa, "Santa, I wish for my parents to have
the best Christmas ever." Santaís heart melted again.

A little girl (Girls seem more comfortable with Santa) asked for her grandparents to come
back. (Broke my heart). Were they dead or did they go away for the winter? Iíll never know.

A two month old that Santa cradled in his arms. Sigh

A little boy of about one or one and a half years old who kept coming and staring at me,
then finally walked up and held out his arms for a hug. Santa was willing to give him a very
warm hug.

One little girl was reluctant to get in my lap, but when she did, she covered her eyes,
and hid from Santa as they took a picture

There were many kids and special moments.

I remember being a child and all the magic that went with it, including a visit
to Santa Clause.

One little boy asked for so many thinks, all expensive electronics, Iíd need a team
of twenty elves to deliver his gifts.

It was the unselfish kids who touched me: I want my grandparents to come back; I
want my Mom and Dad to have the best Christmas ever.

Last year, it was a little girl who ripped my heart out, ďSanta, I donít want anything,
but for my parents to visit me.Ē

It took all the strength I had not to cry for that little girl. I never learned her story either.

She didnít want a toy or expensive electronics. She just wanted her Mommy and Daddy.

The unselfish rule at Christmas.

Michael T. Smith