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Gifts of Inestimable Value

Story ID:10797
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Bjeljina Bosnia Yugoslavia
Person:Fahrudin Coki Bravo
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Were you pleased with the Christmas gifts you received Christmas morning? Did you receive
any of inestimable value? If the Infant Christ this season gave you a kind, compassionate
heart – that to me is one of the very best inestimable gifts you can ever receive. The joy of
that beautiful necklace or new expensive car will not last, but any kindness or goodness
we do on this earth during our life time -whether to our fellow man or to God’s animal creatures
is an everlasting gift and one of inestimable value.

And how does the gift of a compassionate heart manifest itself? There are numerous ways
but the one which will carry the biggest impact on the environment, your health, and
farm animals is changing your diet and becoming vegan. This gift is probably one of the
most precious gifts you can ever give yourself.

The next way is to be generous. You can help those in need whether it be with your money
your time, or your gifts, These caring men in Boznia gave all these things to help a blind dog
in distress named Christmas. This “Christmas” story was told by Laura S. on Care 2. It happened
in Bjeljina - 200 km from where his rescuers lived. She wrote that ...“In an astounding rescue
caught on video, a pair of real-life superheroes bring a dog named Christmas up out of a deep,
dark well where he had been trapped for an entire month.”

Can you even begin to imagine what it was like for Christmas who is blind to spend that very
long period of time -30 very long, lonely, and probably frightening days? Nobody in the environs
who heard this poor dog whining tried to help him. Not even the local rescue teams wanted to
go down in the well to rescue him. What cold hearts they must have had. The children however
would at least occasionally throw him down some food. It seems to me that the oldsters could
well learn some lessons of kindness and compassion from them.

When news of this poor dog’s plight came to the attention of veteran rescuer Fahrudin Coki Bravo
and his buddy Ratko Koblar, they immediately began preparations for their trip across Boznia to
help him. They wondered if he had been thrown into the well by some heartless individuals or had
he stumbled into the well in his search for food?

Arriving at the well which was about 8 meters deep, they could hardly see the dog. But they could
hear him, and they were able to descend into the well with the rescue gear they had brought with them
from Sarajevo. Soon a very happy and relieved Christmas was standing on terra firma and embracing
Fahrudin. Now, Fahrudin’s only concern was to get Christmas a good home. He knew that Christmas
deserved the life of a king after everything he’d been through.

And Fahrudin’s wish came true. Christmas had found a wonderful home with some local animal lovers
and of course -just in time for Christmas!

The picture of Christmas kissing Fahrudin is priceless. And I’m sure of one other thing – his gift to
Christmas was yet another one of those which belongs to the category of INESTIMABLE VALUE.