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The Pear - An Act of Kindness

Story ID:10801
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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This last day of the year I am reflecting upon some of its happenings as probably
many of you are as well. Was it a good year? Have you had better? I have had
better, but somehow I am going to try to salvage it with some good and positive

The first one is about a PEAR – a Bartlett to be exact. You know- the ones that are
a beautiful shade of green and which when bitten into release a delicious syrupy taste
with each tantalizing bite. Yes, I am exaggerating- but not by much if you are a pear lover.

This late summer day, I was shopping at Marc’s which has pretty much everything
you could want to buy. When I approached the store, I saw a young man who was probably
Chinese -strumming on a guitar while sitting on one of the benches near the store. His
guitar case was opened and revealed the many dollar bills grateful listeners had rewarded
him with. I would add mine after doing my shopping.

Maybe I came out 30 to 45 minutes later and he was still there. I then duly deposited my
dollar bill in his guitar case, but as I walked by, I wondered – did anyone offer this young
man a cool drink of water at least? Well, I didn’t see any evidence of this so I promptly
dove into my groceries and pulled out –yes a plump, green Bartlett pear. Holding the pear
by its stem, I headed back toward him. I could clearly see a smile on his face as I handed
it to him. I also saw delight as he took his first bite out of that refreshing piece of fruit.
But he wasn’t the only one who experienced joy –I think I probably felt it even more.

Of course, the moral of this little account is to never miss an opportunity to do something
kind for someone-no matter how small it may seem. And pears seem to be my vehicle of choice
in this matter – though not by design. On another occasion I was checking out my groceries
which included pears – this time of the Bosc variety – the ones with the warm tan coloring and
which are every bit as delicious as the Bartlett. A lady following me in line with her groceries
commented to her husband how delicious- looking were those pears I was buying. After they
were rung up, I immediately put one into her hands. I think she was pleasantly surprised,
and of course, I again experienced another simple but rewarding feeling of joy.

The next act of kindness was prompted by reading an obituary of a comparatively young
woman. Her niece had written one so beautiful that I had wondered why I had not seen
her aunt in the same beautiful light. But be that as it may, it made me think – did this niece
show her aunt all the love and affection that she was now showing in her obit?

It prompted me to take the time to write all the memories of my dear sister now – while
she was alive instead of writing these thoughts when she was gone. I wrote many of the
wonderful memories of her kindnesses to me and others. I even went back to when we were
young and to the time when she took my younger sister and me to downtown Cleveland on
those wonderful streetcars of long ago for a movie and lunch. I also marveled at some of
her gifts – she is a great driver and though only 5’ 2” tall, she one time drove a huge used
Cadillac. In comparison, I even have a hard time driving my Comet.

I experienced great joy in putting her “obituary” together, and I included pictures of her and
us. I think it’s a great idea for anyone who wants to show gratitude to a loved one and
not save those heartfelt words for a funeral mass or in an obituary.

So, 2015 had some good remembrances for me. Maybe if I try harder and forget about
the bad memories, I will find more to be grateful for.