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Smiles and Tears

Story ID:10811
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
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I often think about Dr. Weil’s advice to occasionally observe a news fast. Yes, we are
often inundated with news from many places – from TV, the Internet, and newspapers.
I often become saddened by what I hear or read from these mediums, but then I guess
the good things balance out the bad. Here are some samples of this dichotomy.

TEARS – From the Daily Mail: “He waited for you: Scathing letter from animal rescue slams
‘heartless scumbag’ for abandoning dog at the side of road...after the loyal pooch stayed
there for a WEEK.” It took a lot of coaxing to persuade one year-old “Banjo” who was
abandoned by the side of a road in California, to come to them -but finally after hours of trying,
they managed to get him into their rescue van. He had been subsisting on sticks for food. This
horrible diet would now be remedied. You can read Officer Brooke Rapozo’s letter on the
internet to the ‘callous’ owner who left the dog for dead. And God bless Rapozo and the others
who reacted compassionately to a fellow living creature. His plight, rescue, and letter has
been viewed 1.1m times on Facebook. Finally we can SMILE.

SMILES. I have been waiting a long time for the EPA to finally admit that the world’s most
popular pesticide kills bees, but as the caption states –20 years too late. I am not impressed
by most government entities and the EPA belongs in this category. The EPA should have been
alarmed at bees dying in record numbers a long time ago, but it is only now that they are recognizing
the horrible impact on them by a commonly used neonic pesticide (imidacioprid) which they admit
is at least partially to blame. “Partially to blame?” Even now they seem to refuse to face the
facts. Oh, how I miss Rachel Carson! Obviously, we have no one of her ilk in government who
even comes close to her in recognizing the terrible harm pesticide use is doing to us and the bees.
What would we do without the bees whose important job of pollinating our crops is incalcuable
for our food production needs?

I am also happy that I use no harmful fertilizers like Round Up on my grass lawn. How wrong we
are if we do. What’s more important –a “beautiful” manicured lawn fed with harmful insecticides
and/or pesticides or a lawn dotted with bright yellow dandelions in the spring? I choose the latter.
Now to work on getting butterflies again in my rose garden by planting their favorite food –milkweed.
I don’t know what I did wrong – but I miss seeing them as well as lady bugs, bees, and preying
mantises who abounded in our garden when my Slovak mother was the gardener.

TEARS. You won’t believe this caption: “Hawaiian man beaten and pepper sprayed by police for
praying over a seal on the beach.” The event – Jamie Kalani Rice says he was on Nanakuli beach
when he noticed a seal lying on the beach. He thought the seal was injured or dying and knelt by
him on the sand. He began chanting to heal the seal, and as part of the healing ritual, he took some
sand and rubbed it between his hand and on his body.

Someone foolishly decided that this was a police matter, and that’s when the problems began.
Although there was a posted sign saying in effect- do not disturb the seals. obviously, Rice was only
trying to help the seal. The event is videotaped and it sadly ends with police officer Wang following
Rice and after some words between them -he used pepper spray on Rice. When the spraying had
little effect, he took out his baton and began hitting Rice on his legs, arms. and possibly his shoulders.
Rice fell to his knees and was then handcuffed and arrested. If interested, and have already taken sides,
you may want to check out the entire 10 minute video of the incident on the internet. I don’t have to. It
seems to me that a good man was mistreated and arrested for trying to perform a kind deed. And happily,
it seems the healing ritual worked because the seal was seen moving off the beach.

A combination of SMILES and TEARS

Later in the day I received a post from the Washington Post entitled “Suspended USDA researcher alleges
agency tried to block his research into harmful effects of pesticides on bees, butterflies.” I now have to
retract my earlier statement in which I wrote we presently have no environmental scientists of Rachel
Carson’s caliber. YES, WE DO. His name is Jonathan Lundgren. Imagine that he is being censured much
like Rachel Carson had been for writing about the harmful effects of pesticides on bees and butterflies.
I am so disenchanted with the USDA and the EPA. It’s too bad that the president and the people in
Congress aren’t as well. In my opinion, we have government entities which do little good for our nation.
This is a perfect example.

TEARS. I love dogs unabashedly so the news re Jethro, a K9 officer for the Canton, Ohio Police was
especially disheartening. Canton police had responded to a burglary call at a Fisher Food grocery story
on this particular Saturday morning. The suspect was still inside the store, and as Jethro approached the
burglar, he was shot multiple times and struck in the face, shoulder, and neck area. The officers returned
fire and the suspect was shot in the leg and transported to a local hospital. Jethro was taken to the Stark
County Veterinary Emergency clinic. The wound to his muzzle caused serious brain swelling, but he was
expected to recover. Unfortunately, Jethro took a turn for the worse on Sunday morning and lost his life.
His partner and fellow officers were with him when he died.

Every day you and I read posts or hear news which either bring smiles or tears. Let’s hope that we find
many. many more which will provoke smiles rather than tears.