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It was a Wonderful Thing to Witness

Story ID:10819
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
Person:People in Love
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Ginny and I decided to go out for dinner one evening. As we made small talk and ate,
the hostess at Texas Roadhouse, where we dined, led an older couple to the table across the
aisle from us.

I guess, I shouldn’t call them an older couple. They were probably our age. We’re
an older couple too.

This couple didn’t sit across the table from each other, like Ginny and I. They sat
beside each other on the same side of the booth. I like to be able to look into Ginny’s eyes as
we talk, but they wanted to be physically close.

I watched them settle in and witnessed something special. The lady smiled at her
husband, reached out, hugged him, and place a tender kiss on his cheek.

I was so touched by her tender act of love for her spouse, I had to get up. “Excuse me,
I don’t mean to interrupt your evening, but I am touched by the way you just hugged and kissed
your husband.”

She looked up, “Thank you!”

“It’s rare to see a couple express love like you just did. You made my day.”

After Ginny and I finished our meal and prepared to leave, we stopped by their
table and learned they had been married for thirty-five years.

Ginny and I would have been married to our first spouses for about that long, had
they lived. In 2016, we’ll celebrate our twelfth anniversary. We have the love this couple
expressed. However, it is rare to see someone express so much passion after thirty-five years
of marriage. It was a wonderful thing to witness.

Michael T. Smith