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I Forgive You

Story ID:10842
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Caldwell Nova Scotia Canada
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Do you remember your parents arguing? Do you remember the fear?

My parents fought often. My dad drank too much and became mean. I wanted to
hurt him for causing my Mum grief. I wanted to hurt him for making me cry every pay day,
when he came home drunk and mean.

I grew up in a poor home with a drunk for
a father.

He never gave me and my brothers a father experience. His only joy was drinking
with his useless buddies and ignoring his family.

He taught me how not to be a father.

I never wanted to be like him.

I wanted to be a good dad and husband.

I succeeded.

My wife and children are special. My needs are secondary.

Their needs come first.
Thank you, Dad, for teaching me what not to do.
I forgive you.

Michael T. Smith