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The Magic of the Written Word

Story ID:10866
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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The wind whipped hail against the bedroom window. I watched the curtains move,
as the wind found a way through the seals around the moldings. Under the blankets, I sweated
with a fever. Frost gathered on the inside of the window. The old wood stove couldn’t keep
it at bay.

Mum sat on the bed beside me. She read “The Three Little Pigs” by lamp light.
The power had been out for hours. Outside the storm howled.

A violent gust of wind struck from the northeast. The house shook. I pulled the
blankets closer. “Was that the big bad wolf, Mum?”

“No, Michael. That’s just the storm. It will be over in the morning. The Big Bad Wolf
is just a story. He’s not real.”

“OK.” I had total faith in her. She was my Mum and would never let the wolf get to me.

Those comforting moments with my Mum stuck with me.

Years later, as another storm blew through Nova Scotia, I sat on the edge of my
daughter’s bed and read stories to her. I’d come full circle. I was read to and now read to
my own child.

Both of us became fans of books.

I moved on to reading to my grandchildren. I have inspired them to explore the
magical world of words. They learned the mystery, awe and magic of the written word.

Michael T. Smith