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Mournful Horn

Story ID:10890
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Chelsea, Kansas USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Mournful Sounds

While doing my Army Basic training
Arising early was easy for me
Back on the farm
Chores had to be done early, you see

I would wake up early
Long before my dad would call
Listening to the Santa Fe train engine
Sounding its Horn in the a.m. oh so mournful

Every few seconds
The train would sound its horn
Even though a mile away
I heard it clearly in the early morn

Heading up the grade
To Kansas City town
That horn tooting
Such a mournful sound

My Army basic training in a barracks
Near Tyler, Texas town
I would awaken every morning
As if home again

For a train far of in the distance
I could hear sounding its horn
Making that mournful sound
As it did back on the farm

In 1945 leaving shore
The horn on the “Cape Cleare”
Made that same mournful sound
That 2,000 men did hear

Leaving the States
For my place overseas
The ships horn
Sounded terribly mournful to me

In my new on-shore surroundings
Feeling rather forlorn
I missed the sound
Of that trains mournful horn

At the age of 89
I arise in the early morn
Far on the South west
Side of Corona town

I am taken back to my youth
Back on the farm
A trains horn interrupts the stillness
In the early morn

Every time that train
Blasts its horn
I think back
Abed on the farm

Waiting for Dads call
In the early morn
Laying wide awake
Wakened by that trains mournful horn

So Mr. Engineer
Please don’t stop blowing that horn
Your Trains horn mournful sound
Has followed me since I was born

I will each day
Though happy or forlorn
Again treasure being followed by
The sound of that mournful horn