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Greyhound Holocaust

Story ID:10895
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - Spain
Person:Dogtime authors
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Greyhound holocaust? Yes, that’s exactly what the author(s) of Dogtime wrote
in their February post today -“Stop Spain’s Yearly Greyhound Holocaust: You Can
Help!” I had heard about this before. I read earlier that Ireland had been sending
its spent racing greyhounds to Spain. I was saddened that this Catholic country
didn’t send them instead to a much deserved retirement. Sending them to Spain
was tantamount to sending them to a place of cruelty and suffering where they
would be exploited by hunters. Yes, I am Catholic and ashamed of this lack of
compassion by fellow Catholics. I am also ashamed that the Catholic church
does not involve itself in stemming this cruelty.

Having read about this cruelty before, I now learned that tens of thousands of these
greyhounds are also actually being bred for this purpose and that many of them no
longer wanted and found unsuitable for hunting end up hung, garroted, poisoned, or
thrown off cliffs and into pits and wells.

If I thought it would do any good -I would write the Pope about this cruelty. In fact-
all of us who feel devastated by this news re cruelty to these poor innocent dogs should
do the same, but sadly, most of us just read articles like this and do NOTHING.

Hopefully, I will do SOMETHING. One thing for sure – these poor greyhounds called
Galgos are being placed on my prayer cards where I daily pray for family, friends, and
causes – many of them re animal suffering. I have been praying everyday for some
years now that the factory farms from hell will be dismantled. And akin to that prayer
is the recognized need that all the churches, synagogues, and mosques teach lessons
of compassion for animals and concern for the environment. If these entities had been
involved with these concerns,then I think by now there would be much less animal suffering
and a healthier environment. I believe that one of the teachings of Christ is that we be
good and compassionate stewards.

These Spanish greyhounds spend their days confined in cages –often crowded with other
dogs, and not surprisingly- not well fed and even starved. Their training is cruel too. They
are forced to run fast by being attached to and dragged behind moving vehicles. And when
hunting season is over, unbelievable further cruelty and indignities are heaped on these
innocent living beings who have served their “masters”so well. If some are deemed good at
hunting, they are kept alive to serve as breeding animals. For those who are not considered
good breeding stock, they are either hung from trees, left to starve in a tiny cage without
food or water, burned alive or thrown into pits, wells and off of cliffs. How can people be
so cruel?

Yes, there are some compassionate people in Spain who belong to Spanish canine charities.
They call this cruelty the “Greyhound Holocaust” and estimate that 50,000 dogs are affected
every year. And what about the great numbers of wildlife destroyed as well?

To their credit, these canine charities try to help these greyhound victims. They also try to
draw attention to the acts of their brutal mistreatment which is sadly taking place in their
country. I pray that their efforts succeed. This is clearly another blot on the treatment of
animals by some of the people of Spain.