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A Heart Filling for Our Hearts

Story ID:10898
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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We who have lost a spouse have many names for the day our spouses died. The
most commonly used is, “Their Angel Day”.

Ginny and I use that for Harvey (Her first husband) and Georgia (My first wife).
Angel Day …the day they went to Heaven.

We dread those anniversaries. Memories sneak up on us. We’re afraid of the pain the
memories they bring.

The first year is the worse.

It’s the year of the firsts: first birthday, first anniversary, first Christmas, first child’s
birthday, first vacation …all without them.

Every special moment is painful. They are missed.

They are gone forever.

Their angel days bring us pain.

Those days are not as bad as we expected. It was all in our minds. We spent too much
time worrying about how we’d feel. When the day came, we realized it wasn’t as bad as we
expected. We smiled at the memories we shared and were glad for the time we had them.

One lady recently told me, “I call it my ‘Empty Heart Day.’”

“Empty Heart Day” is so right.

It’s the day we lost the filling of our heart. Without their love, our hearts were empty, like a pie without a filling …just a crust.

There is hope. You can refill the pie of your heart. Gin and I did. Ginny and I found a
new filling for our hearts.

Michael T. Smith