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Shatteed Dreams

Story ID:10932
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Calif USA
Person:Chelse Kanss Kid
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Shatteed Dreams

Shattered Dreams

A young farmer and his wife
Decided to start a new life
Load up their covered wagon with family
To build a new home on the Kansas Prairie

The trip though long and arduous
After weeks and weeks of wind and rain
Finally reached their destination
And staked out their claim

The new acreage was covered with lush grass
Great feed for the horses and Bessie the cow
A small stream for water for bathing and thirst
Time to start the new home was now

The claim was awash with flat rocks
That would form the walls for the new home
William started the building of the walls
After weeks of gathering and stacking the stones

Bethís hands were calloused and blistered
From the handling those rough stones
But Bess stood the pain
With the dream of a new home

The new home was partially completed
When William came down with the flu
His fever was high, he talked in tongues
Beth didnít know what to do

She hitched up the Team of mules
Got William into the wagon bedded down
Loaded up the kids
Headed down the road, to town

After seeing the doctor
Later that day
Was diagnosed with pneumonia
Couple days later William passed away

After the burial
Beth sold Bessie the cow, the wagon and mules
Moved into town
So the kids could go to school

Every story doesnít end
As we would like
With Peaches and Roses
Not trouble and strife

Sometimes things like this happen
Even with all the hard work, it seems
Their happy young life
Ended in shattered Dreams.

Monte L. Manka 03-11-2016