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Story ID:10954
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Charlotte NC USA
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On January 16, 2016, Ginny’s dear friend, Desmond, told us, “My son, Addam,
looked out his upstairs window and saw our 28-year-old horse, Romeo, sprawled on the
ground outside the pasture fence.”

Desmond and Addam raced outside and found Romeo’s back legs entangled in
the wire fence. They guessed he tried to jump over and was now in serious trouble.

Desmond’s husband, Dan, was at work. Addam helped her keep the horse calm,
while she cut the fence.

Romeo, exhausted from trying to free himself, could not stand. Desmond couldn’t
determine the extent of the damage to his legs.

Dan raced home from Charlotte, NC with his friend Mike. They worked for hours
to get Romeo on his feet. Dan’s brother Tom came to help. They could not get the
horse on his feet.

Their veterinarian was busy with a colic call and couldn’t come right away.

A cold rain began to fall. They covered Romeo with blankets to keep him warm.

They worked together. Desmond pulled and the men lifted, but Romeo kept

The vet arrived, did an assessment of the horse’s legs and administered pain

The team of rescuers went back to work. They tried to get Romeo to his feet,
but the efforts were fruitless. Romeo lay on the wet ground …exhausted.

The vet began giving them the grim news. “Romeo will cross the rainbow

It was dark. The rain poured down. They stood around Romeo, heart broken.
Romeo had been down too long.

Romeo, knew the stakes. As the team of rescuers debated, he struggled to his feet.
The rescuers cheered. Desmond cried. They all did.

Romeo’s legs quivered and wobbled, but he stood. The team steadied him with
their shoulders, fearful he’d fall again.

They walked him to the barn, where their other horse whinnied with joy to see

The vet said, “If he makes it through the night, he’ll have a good chance of

The next morning, Romeo, although stiff and sore was up and eating.

The rescue team saved Romeo.

Michael T Smith