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The Power of Love

Story ID:11000
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Killeen Texas usa
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t don’t know about you, but I need a break from political news. All the posturing and
speech making by the presidential hopefuls is taking a toll on me. So It was good to
read an inspirational story on Care2 about a burned puppy and someone who cared
enough to save him.

Danielle of Killeen, Texas worked as a veterinary technician in an animal hospital.
Passing by the room where a badly burned puppy lay, Danielle caught his eye. She
saw in his face pain and despair. He was brought in by a man who claimed no
responsibility for this horrible happening where it seemed someone had poured gasoline
over the pup and set him on fire. Now he decided he should be euthanized.

Danielle asked the vet whether he could be saved. He said yes, but it would be expensive.
Not wealthy, she nevertheless got the owner to sign over ownership to her and asked the
vets to treat him. She felt this little dog should get to know the simple joys which all dogs
should experience. And now she gave this little pup a big name –“D’Artagnan” after the
captain of the Musketeers. His treatment began with skin graft surgery to reconstruct his
horribly burnt mouth. In time the pup’s condition improved dramatically, and Danielle was
able to take him home to be with the other dogs and cats which she had.

She also decided that the name D’Artagnan was quite a mouthful and shortened it to Mister D.
Mister D fit in beautifully with the other dogs and cats who lived in Danielle’s home. It seems
as though he succeeded in putting his horrible past behind him by finding a happy niche with
the other dogs and cats who shared his living quarters. The cats would often be found sleeping
with him, and Mister D could sometimes be found sharing his food with the other dogs.

Because of the horrible burn to his face, the scars were evident, and he even looked a little bit
scary because of the skin grafts. But Danielle would never ever regret saving his life, and soon
he would return the favor.

Last year Danielle was in a terrible accident when riding her motorcycle. Trying to avoid a
collision with a car, she ended up on the street in a bloody heap with a broken skull. At the
hospital the doctors at first could not even find any brain function.

Her mother flew in from Germany, and that’s when I had an aha moment. I have known two very
special women who were also of German descent. I found both of them to be wonderfully caring
re animals –especially about dogs and cats. They would often clue me into their wonderful
insights in this regard. Danielle also had their wonderful gift of caring and compassion.

Danielle’s injuries were so severe that there was a question in every one’s mind whether she
would recover. In the meantime, her mother took care of the dogs and cats at home and was
grateful when Danielle’s ex-husband came to help her. Now she could spend more time with

And then Laura S., the Care 2 writer of this post wrote something quite profound: But in the silence
of the mind, a louder voice came from Danielle’s soul which said “‘I have to get back to Mister D
and my other ‘kids’ because they needed me and I needed them.”

So with the strong belief that she had to wake up for her animals -after 12 days she miraculously did.
Remembering this later, she said tearfully “I woke up. and the first words that I uttered were Mister D.”

Though she had to remain in rehabilitation for sometime having to learn to walk and speak again, she
finally came home. Of course, all of her companion animals received a loving embrace – especially
Mister D. who she feels was the reason she was able to summon all her energies to get well. She has
called him her musketeer and protector. And she notes that he had given her the security, protection,
and love that she never received from people.

She hopes her story will inspire others to rescue animals rather than buying them because, as she
explains- there will always be a bond between you and that pet which can never be broken.