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An Inspirational Romanian Grandmother

Story ID:11023
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - Romania
Person:Savasitia Miu
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I have a dear friend who was born in Romania. Sadly, I have read about some
cruelties to animals there. One came from an American woman who visited Romania
some years ago. She was horrified to find so many homeless, wandering dogs on the
streets of the city she was visiting. When she returned to the States with a dog she
had rescued and adopted, she started a fund raiser for a much needed spay/neuter
clinic in the Romanian city she had visited. I don’t know if she succeeded, but I
certainly applaud her efforts and compassion.

Another time I read that some Romanian farmers would sometimes let their captured
wild horses remain in the cold woods for long periods and tie their legs in some way
to immobilize them so they wouldn’t run away. In my opinion --incredibly cruel.

So I was very pleased to read a Care 2 account of a Romanian grandmother who has -
over the years, saved hundreds of dogs and cats from freezing to death in the harsh
Romanian winters. Yes, she too knew what it was like to be cold because her own
lodgings were cold and sparse –so much so that she and her niece Mariana preferred
sleeping in an old car to their drafty house. Thankfully, the house did at least offer
some protection from the cold and biting winds for their often shivering rescued cats
and dogs.

Finally, the house was made more hospitable and this 91 year- old lady-- Savasitia Miu,
most often called ‘Grandma’ by her admirers, would no longer have to sleep in the old
car. But sadly, now her health took a turn for the worse, and she recently suffered a
stroke and is bed ridden. However, she sits up and was pictured at this post with a
number of her dogs sitting and laying close to her to lovingly “protect” her. Though
unable to walk at present -this spunky lady has been able to continue her rescue work
with the help of Mariana. One day soon-- more needed help would arrive for the 80
dogs and 35 cats they were caring for at the present.

How amazing that this woman who probably had little monetary resources was able
for decades to rescue hundreds of dogs and cats who might otherwise have frozen to
death during Romania’s bitterly cold winters. How sad that the people in her environs
were so uncaring that there were so many dogs and cats who needed rescuing in the
first place.

But two years ago when Grandma Miu and Mariana were sleeping in that old car which
they found warmer than their house-- when by some miracle, they were spotted by
German rescuer, Tammy Raab, who would take the animals and these two women
under her wing.

Now thankfully, these two were getting help from a German group called Helft Handeln.
Through them-- veterinary care was provided for their rescues, and many of the animals
have been adopted internationally through the efforts of this group.

The help arrived just in time because Grandma Miu and Mariana sadly have come to
realize that they can no longer rescue additional animals despite the wonderful help they
have been getting from Helft Handeln and also Harmony Fund these last two years.
However, Grandma Miu has been amazed at the international aid they have been receiving
from them. She finds it difficult to believe that people living in other countries cared enough
to help her and the animals.

May God bless all these beautiful people—Grandma Miu, Mariana, Tammy Raab, and the
people of Helft Handeln and Harmony Fund. They are all truly inspirational, caring, and
compassionate people. And now Romania can also be happy in the knowledge that there
are indeed some good people of compassion living among them who for decades showed
concern for the homeless dogs and cats in their environ.