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Story ID:11033
Written by:Julie Grassley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Cleveland Ohio United States
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So my Uber customer, who wanted to sit in the front with me (I actually prefer it) asked me 5 minutes into the ride, “What do you think of Trump?”. Since he was inches away from me I was hoping he wasn’t a Trump supporter when I answered that I thought he is a racist clown. He nodded his head and said that he was a buffoon. He was in town from Ecuador because he son need treatment at Cleveland Clinic.
We talked about the difference in cultures and how for example, he sat up front where many others from Cleveland wouldn’t have.
He was very nice and I enjoyed our conversation. My next rides were not as nice. One man, although he was very nice, he said he was from Morocco, was likely on drugs since he looked buzzed and the house I picked him up at was a drug house.
Next, a nice young man at a hotel and then his woman, who I initially took for a prostitute since her jeans literally covered half of her ass. They were nice and we talked about their kids and middle names. I just couldn’t get over her outfit and I was unsure why they were in a hotel if they lived locally.
Lastly, my young yuppie bunch, kinda nice, pretty quiet for being drunk. I got lost due to construction (my first time getting lost with a client) and then my muffler fell off so that was unpleasant.
My big fear initially was that a 350 pound person would get in and break my struts now I think more about safety. Not enough money to do it even in safe neighborhoods.